Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 124

Defense Specialization and the User of the Holy Blade



Due to this sudden hellish scene, all of the average players died in quick succession.

One after another, they fell. When the 3 minutes were up and Maple’s clones disappeared, over half of the players had disappeared into light.


However, nearly everyone had thought of using piercing skills on Maple, and the damage had stacked to a point where she was returned to her normal form.

The monster that loomed over them was now gone, and Maple fell down into the crowd of players.

The players all readied their skills, they would not allow her to act as soon as she touched the ground.


“‘Deploy all Weapons’!”

As Maple was still in the air, numerous gun barrels and cannons were pointed towards the ground.

The black weapons were developed with loud clicking noises around her.


“‘Oozing Chaos’! ‘Hydra’!”

That now familiar and most hated mouth appeared and in one swoop, erased all of the players who were waiting below Maple in order to attack.

Next, the Hydra covered the ground in poison, allowing Maple to move around with an advantage.

Of course, players without sufficient ‘Poison Resistance’ died right there.


The monster that had been enveloping Maple was indeed gone.

However, it would not be an exaggeration to say that Maple herself was a monster in human shape.

No, she was actually more than that.


Appearance-wise, she may have looked weaker. But her methods of attack were much more varied, and she was now harder to hit.

She was a devil with the face of an angel. And that was much more dangerous.

It could not be helped that the enemy players saw her in this way.


As Maple landed on the ground, the weapons that she wore began to fire at and burn the players that surrounded her.

She was in the center of a powerful sea of poison. You could not go near her without immunity to it, and she was able to block long ranged piercing attacks with her great shield.

Ultimately, the players that surrounded Maple gave up. The siege fell apart and they scattered.


Of course, Maple wasn’t going to let them walk away freely, and with an explosion of flames, she began to fly around the field at an incredible speed.







The members of ‘Assembly of Holy Blades’ had failed in their ambush, but were able to stop any counterattacks with ‘Earth Breaker.’

They had come for Ifrit’s Kingdom’s orbs, and so they decided that they might as well crush some of the competition that had gathered along the way.

Pain and Dread were strong enough to fight on their own. Drag and Frederica moved as a team.

There were two main reasons that they fought while keeping a distance from Maple Tree. It was more efficient for crushing their large guild rivals, and because in a most general sense, Maple Tree was dangerous.


“They’re retreating before they become the targets…huh.”

Pain mumbled to himself as he dealt with the players in front of him.

For players that had crossed a certain line like Pain and Maple, fighting against inferior players was monotonous work.


Pain imagined what it would be like to fight against Maple. And he imagined what the outcome would be.

And no matter what he did, he did not feel like he would be able to defeat her if both of them were in the best condition.


“I have to become stronger…”

Pain intended on fighting her again. At a time where he had a chance of winning.


“I should go and look for some new skills…”

Pain looked at Maple’s battle frenzy from afar as he cut down yet another player.




The three guilds that were considered dangerous by everyone were gathered here.

The destructive power was hard to comprehend.

Not only that, but all three were making an effort to not interfere with the other, which made things worse.


Once all of the guilds retreated, battered and wounded, the only players that remained on the field were the four from Ifrit’s Kingdom and the members of Maple Leaf.

As Chrome was using ‘Cover Move’ and ‘Cover’ to protect Yui, Mai and the others, Kasumi was able to heal them in time even when their HP was low. Sally was also fine.

And so, of course, was Maple.


“We would have been done for without the skills…”

Chrome was almost surprised that he was still alive.

His HP had almost dropped to 0 several times, but it always managed to recover, even if it was slow.



On the other hand, the members of Ifrit’s Kingdom were covered in wounds. They had already used many of their trump cards. And many of their guild members were forced to retire.

They could not fight against Maple Tree now.

Mi had decided that this was the case, and so she did not even try to take the orbs that were between them and Maple Tree. Instead, she covered herself in flames.


What happened next was a massive explosion.

Yes, Mi had used her remaining MP to copy Maple’s self-destruction flight. She took Misery, Shin, and Marx with her for an emergency escape.

Unlike Maple, she needed Misery to heal her, but she was still successful.

The guild members of Ifrit’s Kingdom had reached this consensus.

They depended on the strongest four to maintain their standing in the rankings.


And so Maple Tree succeeded in taking back the orbs.






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