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Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 125

Defense Specialization and a Safe Zone



As Maple could not use ‘Savagery’ again, the members of Maple Tree rode on Syrup and slowly made their way back to the base.

Then they set all of their orbs in place and everyone rested.


After one hour of resting.

Normally, it would not have been strange for some guild to attack them, but the accelerated speed at which things were happening had caused players to enter a danger zone in terms of the number of deaths, and so no one would go out of their way to enter such a deadly area.

In spite of having so many orbs there, Maple Tree’s base was the quietest place inside of the game right now.


“Sally? What are you looking at?”

Maple saw that Sally was looking at the floating blue panel and came closer to see.


“Hmm? Oh, uh…I’m just amazed.”



Maple looked at the screen and saw that it was the rankings.

What was different about it now, was that there were large guilds that had been annihilated


“Ah, another guild…either Assembly of Holy Swords or Ifrit’s Kingdom is running wild. Yes, that’s probably it.”




“Of those two, I think it would be Ifrit’s Kingdom. They barely just survived a while ago, and I don’t think that they will be able to fight any longer than 2 days. So…they are probably getting rid of as many rivals as they can now, and leaving the rest to fate.”

It wasn’t something that Sally could confirm, but she was in fact, correct. Ifrit’s Kingdom was crushing other guilds to prevent others from gaining any more points, and hoping it would be enough to keep them in the top 10.


Still, Ifrit’s Kingdom was on the brink of ruin. Even if it was to prevent the situation from getting any worse, it would be a huge strain on them to attack large guilds.

They would not last for very long.


“This destructive power is incredible…even more than you when you’re at full strength.”


“I can’t kill players unless I run over them just right…but they don’t stand up again, so I don’t bother!

Most of the players who are blown away by Maple while she is using ‘Savagery’ do not die. The only times they do is if they were unlucky to be trampled twice.


However, it was hard to stay cool when you are crashed into and are flying in the air.

It was as they were stunned like this that she would often deal a decisive blow.

She was good at causing confusion and robbing them of their composure. But killing everyone would take a bit of time, even with the giant body.


In the first place, Maple’s ability to kill on sight had just happened to work quite well during this event, but it was unlikely that it would work the same a month later.


Unlike Maple, Mi was simpler. She just had to force her super firepower onto you.

In terms of firepower, you could say that she was much stronger than Maple.

And now that she had learned to fly by using an explosion after watching Maple, it was possible for her to destroy large guilds in a short amount of time.


The annihilation of large guilds was a positive thing for Maple Tree as well.


“No one is coming to take their orbs back…I think that if we manage to protect them, our place in the top 10 is guaranteed.”


“So there is no reason to go out anymore?”


“You could say that.”

Maple laughed and sat down after hearing this.


“I worked harder this time than I have ever worked before…I’m so tired.”


“The only thing to do is prepare ‘Crystal Wall’ and the guns, just in case.”


“Yes, alright.”

Sally too sat down after Maple answered. And together they looked at what was happening with the other guilds.



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