Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 130

Defense Specialization and the Town on the 4th Layer



They located the guild home and made a quick tour of the interior. Then Sally noticed that the other members of Maple Tree had logged in.


“Sorry, Maple. I’ll go and help them.”


“Then I’ll go too. Though, I can only help protect with ‘Dedicated Affection.’”

The two put off the exploration of the 4th layer and returned once again to the 3rd layer.


The boss fight ended very quickly with Yui and Mai hammering out normal attacks under the protection of ‘Dedicated Affection.’


Now that they had all arrived in the new town, they decided to explore it separately.

They would share any information that they gathered later, and this would allow them to get a larger picture of the place.



Maple was walking down a street by herself and looking around her.

As she did this, she saw a large red gate that had a sign with ‘one’ written in kanji on it.

Maple tried to go through when she suddenly heard a voice saying that she needed a permit.


“Mmm…I am allowed to pass, right?”

Maple extended a single leg through the gate to confirm that nothing would happen. Then she hopped in all of the way through.


“Oh right, I do have the permit. How far can I go with it?”

Maple started to walk again.

You needed a permit to go deeper inside.

And of course, the deeper you went in, the higher the possibility of finding better equipment and skills.


There were small boats and rickshaws here where you could pay NPCs to transport you to different places. Maple went through a gate that had ‘two’ written on it before deciding to take one of the rickshaws.


“So fast! And useful!”

It was much faster than Maple was on her feet, and she was able to move towards the center of the town at a great pace.

When Maple got off of the rickshaw, she was in front of a gate with a ‘six’ painted on it.

When she tried to walk through, she was blocked by a wall of light.


“Ahh…I’m still so far away from that tall building… I wonder if you can raise the level on your permit somewhere?”

And so Maple gave up trying to go any further and decided to look at the stores in the area.


“Hellooo… Woah, there are lots of Japanese clothes!”

There were lots of clothes that were similar to what Kasumi wore.


“These clothes might be more fitting for this town…”

Ultimately, Maple decided to change all of her clothes. She could just change her equipment when she needed to fight, and so she unequipped her shield and sword and switched to full-on tourist mode.

Maple left the store in a kimono that was mostly purple, to match her skill, ‘Hydra.’


“Where should I go next?”

Maple was in a good mood as she started walking.


The next store that Maple went into was a store that sold household items.

The clerk NPC was sitting in the back.

There was a large assortment of items, from pots and hanging scrolls to desks.

These were items to transform your guild home’s appearance.


“Maybe they are really good? The price is so high…I don’t know.”

She tried to assess the quality of the items, but Maple didn’t have much interest in furniture, to begin with, and so she decided that it could wait, and she left the store.


But then the old man, who was the store clerk, called after her.


“Young lady…won’t you come and look at this other pot?”


“Me? …Uh, what should I do…”

She did not have much interest at all, but she felt that she would probably wonder about it later, and so she decided to see it now.


“Come over here…”

The store clerk opened a door and invited Maple into an area outside of the main store.

Maple followed, and what she saw was a small pot with a lid on it, that would fit right on the palm of your hand.


“This? Hmm…I don’t need that.”

As Maple said this, a blue panel appeared in front of her.


“Hm? A quest!?”

Well, that was a different story.

Due to her status, there were not many quests for Maple, and so she could not refuse this one.

And so Maple accepted it without even checking the name of it.


“Well then…I guess you will become the last one.”

The clerk removed the lid from the pot, and Maple’s body was sucked inside of it.


“Huh!? AH!?”

Maple tried to think about what the name of the quest had been, but of course, she was unable to remember the name, ‘King of the Pot.’






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