Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 131

Defense Specialization and Inside of the Pot



After an instant of weightlessness, Maple fell to the ground on her butt.


“Owowo! Wh-where am I?”

Maple looked around her.

She was in a flat field and there was a high wall in the distance.

It was such a wide field, that Maple would never think of walking from one end to the other.


“…Hmm? Something is coming?”

Maple put a hand to her forehead and squinted. She saw scorpions with hard-looking purple shells, centipedes and even spiders, who normally didn’t have shells, and they were running towards her.

They were running at a great speed, becoming bigger and bigger by the second.


“Hmm. I guess I am supposed to kill those things! Alright!”

Maple put a hand on her waist and tried to pull out her sword.


“Huh!? It’s, it’s not equipped!?”

As Maple had been sucked into the pot while in tourist mode, her sword and shield were still in her inventory.


“What…oh, oh!”

Maple quickly brought the blue panel up and tapped furiously through the menu.

However, being in a panic caused her to press the wrong buttons, and she wasted time equipping unrelated items. This only made her more frantic, and by the time she had all of her equipment and pressed ‘finish,’ the first scorpion had already reached her and was picking her up with its pincer.


“Wai-, hey! Wa-wait! Timeout! Timeout!!”

She was being carried and could not move, but none of the attacks dealt her any damage.

While Maple would not die, her brand new kimono was a different matter.


“It’s going to rip! Rip!! Ohh…Ugaahh!? Don’t drool your poison on me!”

The centipede was now above her and looking down, and a purple liquid was dripping onto her from its mouth. This too had no effect on Maple.

However, the effect on her equipment was enormous.

Maple tried to change her equipment again, but the clothes had not been meant for battle to begin with, and it quickly disappeared into light.



Maple stopped struggling, her legs dangled, dripping poison as she slowly changed her equipment.



Now she was completely in black. Maple swung her arm as hard as she could, slamming the shield into the scorpion’s pincer. And then she was finally able to escape its grip.


“Ahh…there are so many of you.”

Maple mumbled as the centipede’s poison sprayed over her.

They had gathered around her while she had been captured, and her vision was now full of all kinds of poisonous monsters.


“I am going to kill all of you.”

Maple called out ‘Predator’ and activated ‘Dedicated Affection.’


“‘Deploy all Weapons’!”

With a loud noise, weapons began to grow from Maple’s body.


“‘Commence Attack.’”

The weapons fired off one after another, but they all bounced off of the hard shells.

This was because all of the monsters were covered in the purple shell.

Even the snakes that could curl their bodies were no exception.


“It’s hard…This is not great at all! Really!”

Most of Maple and ‘Predator’s’ attacks were focused on the scorpion that was in front of her. And after a while, the shell began to crack, exposing the spots inside.


“It’s not as strong as I expected… ‘Oozing Chaos’!”

Maple unleashed the monsters’ mouths onto it, and the scorpion vanished with a burst of light.

She realized that they didn’t have particularly high HP, but they made up for it with numbers.

‘Predator’ was constantly getting hit, and there were bees and moths flying in the air as well.

It would take a long time to take them all down.


“I know! …I’ll put ‘Predator’ away for now…”

Maple returned the pair and pointed her barrels towards the ground and fired, launching herself high into the sky.



Maple called Syrup while in the air, making it immediately grow large.

As she had flown higher, Maple dropped down so that she landed right on top of Syrup’s back.


“Hehe, thank you, Syrup.”

She patted Syrup’s armor before moving close to the neck and giving the order.


“Hold me in your mouth.”

Quietly, Syrup held Maple up to the knees in a straight line.


“Alright, alright.”

Maple then made Syrup move from a horizontal position to a vertical one.

Now Maple was hanging upside-down, and her gun barrels were directed at the ground.


“‘Commence Attack’! Break all of the monster shells!”

A rain of lasers and bullets shot down from the sky.


“This is like a UFO catcher.”

Maple controlled Syrup as she moved in a circle, making sure that her attacks were spread out and hit all of her targets.

She could see the ground from this position, and it was easy to spot whether or not the bright purple shells had cracked. And so she continued to fire at them without restraint.


“The flying monster’s had softer shells that broke easily…now I just need to go back to the ground and kill the others!”

She had no more reason to look from above, and so she returned Syrup to her ring and fell, landing with her feet on the ground.


“I’ll finish you this time…prepare yourselves!”

The only reply that Maple received, was their death cries before they disappeared.


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