Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 132

Defense Specialization and Report



Maple’s attacks were very effective on the monsters once they had lost their shells.

And as the monsters could not damage Maple, the fight ended uneventfully with Maple’s victory.


“Alright! The last one!”

Maple fired a bullet into the last monster. Then her vision suddenly turned dark, and before she knew it, she was back in the store.


“The clerk…is not here anymore? Oh!”

A quest completion panel appeared in front of her.

What Maple received was a new skill.


“‘Venom Incantation’? What is that?”


‘Venom Incantation’

Adds 20% instant death effect to poison type skills.


“Ohhh…oh? I see… It seems like it can also override ‘Poison Immunity.’”

There were more monsters and players now who had ‘Poison Immunity’ or ‘Poison Resistance,’ which made it harder for her to use ‘Hydra.’ But now she had acquired a means to affect players with ‘Poison Immunity’ in a wide range, and not only would she be able to kill them, but this would confuse all of the anti-Maple information that had spread.


“I’ll have to try it out soon…but not now…”

Maple left the empty store and with a heavy heart, returned to a certain store.


“Ohh…I won’t forgive them.”

Maple grumbled at the monsters in the pot as she bought a new kimono again.


“I’m going to wear it a lot, so it’s fine!”

Maple insisted to herself that this was a necessary expense, as she walked out into the town once again.



Everyone did as much exploring as they could, and then several days later, they all gathered together at the guild.

And they talked about what they had found.


“So, what about you, Maple?”

Sally moved the conversation to her.


“I got an instant death effect and a new kimono!”


“…Umm…we’ll talk about that later.”

Sally gathered all of the information together and began to talk.

What she talked about was the permit.

You could not explore this town adequately without this permit.

And it was required that you finish difficult quests in order to raise the rank on these permits.

Chrome and Kasumi already knew about this, but Maple rarely made an effort to gather this kind of information, and so it was news to her.


“So does that mean that our permits are really good?”


“Well, I think it gives us quite an advantage.”

There was no doubt about it, as they had skipped a number of steps that other players would need to take.

After that, they talked about the different quests they had each discovered, but it seemed like no one else had found the one that Maple had completed.


“Okay, tell me if anything happens!”

So saying, the meeting was over, and everyone left to do what they wanted.


Kasumi stayed in the guild and shut the door to her room.


“Hah…I’m so happy…”

All of the things that were lined up in Kasumi’s room were things that she had bought during the last few days in the 4th layer.

There was pottery that caught her eye, swords and other items that were not related to fighting.

Unlike the real world, you could be a little less mindful of how you spent your money here.

But even for Kasumi, this was a little excessive.


“I think I’ll go out shopping again! …Hmm, I better make some money first.”

The amount of gold that showed up on the blue panel had dwindled to a worrying degree.

The things that Kasumi had bought were far from cheap. If anything, they were very expensive.

Still, it was the most fun that she had ever had.


“I want to go to the furthest depths before anyone else. Hehe.”

Kasumi said as she looked at her permit with a ‘six’ on it.


“Alright, I’m going! Time is precious.”

She stashed the permit into her inventory and flew out of the guild.



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