Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 152

Defense Specialization and Panic



When Chrome and Kasumi returned to the guild home, the only one who was there was Maple.


And since Maple was not currently in a state to want to go exploring, the two of them could not enlist her and go out again.


“Sally is out exploring someplace now.”


“So the other four aren’t here? Okay, so it’ll have to be next time then.”

And so Chrome gave Maple a detailed explanation of what they had discovered.


“…We’ll check it again later.”

Maple put a hand to her mouth and seemed to be thinking. But neither of them could tell what was in her head.

Perhaps it was nothing, perhaps it was something unpredictable.

Chrome and Kasumi pushed their thoughts to the back of their minds and waved to Maple as they left the guild home.


“I wonder what Sally is doing.”

Maple was leaning back in her chair and looking at the ceiling when she received a message.

Maple started to read it. It was a brief introduction to the next event that would start in February.


“Explore the jungle, huh? I hope that it’s easy to walk in.”

Maple closed the message and got up from her chair and headed for her room in the guild house.


“Well, I guess I can just take it easy until the event then.”

Maple muttered as she decided to take a break and rest.





Sally continued to explore even after leaving the thunderhead. And after running around on the field for much longer than Chrome and Kasumi, she was now slumped against a cloud on the side of the road.


“So many thunderheads…”

As she explored, Sally had discovered may thunderheads with entrances inside of them.

And she entered every one thinking that there might be something inside. And so Sally now had 8 identical items in her inventory.


“I won’t run out of bubbles for a while.”

Sally didn’t feel so lucky to acquire them and believed that she had chosen the wrong area to explore. She was just about to switch direction when she stopped.


“No, maybe that’s enough for today? Hmm…”

Getting through those thunderheads meant climbing upwards.

The others were a lot smaller than the first, but they were still not easy.

And while she still had plenty of energy compared to that time during the 4th event, it was not as if they were in a rush. And so she decided that she could stop for the day.


“I suppose I’ll stop then?”

What appeared in front of Sally just as she was about to leave, was a thunderhead in the truest sense.

It slowly passed over Sally’s head.


“Woah…what is that.”

Sally’s eyes chased after it. She knew that she was seeing something amazing. Then she saw something shining in the far away sky.


“Maybe I can… ‘Super Acceleration’!”

Sally passed the floating cloud and went further on.

When she arrived at her destination, she was sure that her thinking had been correct.

She was now directly under the thing that was shining.

The shining bubbles were rising into the sky all around her.


“Something…there must be something.”

Sally began to run through the area with the thunderclouds again. However, she didn’t see any clear differences from before.


“Maybe that cloud is the time limit! Something, something!”

The thunderhead caught up with Sally before she found anything, and she realized that she would have to give up this time.


“It’s no use…Wooah!”

Just as Sally looked at the ground, something pushed upwards and she was thrown into the air.


“Oh, oh? Huh?”

Her body was spinning, and when it finally stopped, Sally felt very unsettled at this most unexpected turn of events as she looked around her.


Sally slapped her own cheeks and took in a deep breath to regain her calm.


“Okay, what can I see…”

Sally thought about what it was that had come up under her feet, and then she realized that it was a bubble.

She had been pulled up by the current and been shot up into the sky.


“Concentrate…don’t panic, be calm…”

And so Sally started to walk down the first path that she could see.



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