Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 151

Defense Specialization and the Area



As Sally was looking for other promising places, Chrome and Kasumi were exploring the opposite direction as her.


Chrome blocked the attacks and Kasumi cut the enemies down.

And while Chrome would occasionally take damage, he was able to quickly recover.

After they had successfully finished several fights, Chrome put away his weapon and muttered.


“I don’t know, but it sure is relaxing here.”


“Huh? Ah…”

These two were the quietest in all of Maple Tree when fighting together.

When Izu was there, the battlefield would be full of explosions.

If Kanade was there, there would be flashes of magic and thunder.

And the other four made it hard to keep your peace of mind.


And so there was tranquility here.


“Well, I think it’ll be hard to defeat a dungeon boss if it is just us, so maybe we can just check it out a little?”


“I suppose. If it’s too much, we can call someone and come again.”

While Izu was unique, the others were all strong, so it wouldn’t matter who they called.


“Sally is apparently exploring the other side today, so I guess we’ll get information from that side as well?”


“Uh, I’m sure she’ll get something.”

As the two continued to talk and walk, they started to hear the sounds of thunder. And they saw that the sky up ahead was covered in dark clouds.

Both of them cautiously pulled out their weapons and looked at their surroundings as they moved.

As they came even closer, they were able to see every detail of the area.


Here the blue sky was cut off by thick clouds. And pale electric currents were continuously connecting the sky to the ground.

Lighting crashed all over the place.

They didn’t know if there was any regularity to it, or how dangerous it would be if they were hit.


“Huh…this place is for Maple.”

Chrome concluded quickly.


“Let’s go somewhere else. We can’t go any further here.”

They turned around and left the thunderstorm area.


After leaving the lightning zone and crossing several upward and downward slopes, they came to an area where the clouds were a slightly lighter color than they were in the lightning area.

Some of the clouds were drooping so low that it looked like you could touch them. This, along with the undulations of the terrain made it very difficult to see.


Drops of water that were the size of a softball were slowly falling from the clouds.

They were nearly floating as if ignoring gravity. And yet they still fell, and when they hit the ground, they slowly separated into eight drops of water and splashed evenly, ending their short journey to the ground as they soaked into the ground.


“We should avoid those, right?”


“I bet.”

It wasn’t impossible to avoid, but there were a lot falling down. And so they decided to find out what would happen if they were hit.


“I’ll go. There is a higher chance that I’ll survive if it deals damage.”

Chrome held up his shield and stepped into the area of slow rain. Then the first drop hit him.


Instantly. A water cannon started to bubble and assemble behind him.


“Chrome, behind you!”


“Hm? What…huh?”

Chrome’s body was moving, but his movements were slow like the drops of rain.

The cannon was also slow, but as it was right behind him, it was uncertain if he would make it in time.


As this was happening, another raindrop splashed near him, and one of the drops hit Chrome in the foot.

And then yet another cannon started to bubble and assemble to his side.

Chrome was barely able to turn around. If he had been able to move freely, he would probably have put a hand to his forehead and looked up at the sky.


“Ah, are you serious…”

A block of water shot from the cannon and hit Chrome in the shoulder. Then the cannon crumbled and disappeared.

Its power was much weaker than the standard monsters on this layer, meaning it dealt very little damage.


“Oh? I can move now!”

Chrome realized that his body had returned to normal. He twisted and rolled and somehow managed to escape the area of rain.

Once Chrome had left the area, the other cannon self-destructed with a splash.


“So you regain your original speed if those cannons hit you. And a cannon is created every time a drop hits you.”


“Was it really that hard to move?”


“Yeah, I just couldn’t. Not even with brute force. The next one would hit you right away.”


“Well, I guess we’ll put this place on hold. Why don’t we go back to the town for now? Whether it’s the thunder or rain, maybe there is something that will help us get through it?”

Chrome agreed with this suggestion, and the two of them decided to quit their exploration and return.





They killed more monsters on the way and were making good progress when they stopped and looked up at the sky, which had suddenly become dark.


“That’s no…ordinary cloud.”


“I think so too.”

The cloud that was covering the sky cut across the field and moved passed it.

There was something about it that was similar to the two areas they had discovered that day.

There was something unique about it.

Both of them thought that it was some kind of sign for this layer.


“But, how do we go there?”


“What about using Syrup?”


“I bet they have some measures in place to prevent that. It looks like a secret route, after all.”

In any case, there was no way to know now. And so they stopped thinking about it and continued to walk back to the town.



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