Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 160

Defense Specialization and the Spider’s Thread



“Ahh! No! No!”

Sally flexed her stomach and tried to move her body.

While the webs that surrounded her right foot didn’t seem like they would come off, she had not lost all of her freedom.


“Maybe I can do this…?”

As always, she would do everything that she possibly could instead allowing herself to be easily killed.

However, she did not have much time to think.

The spider was climbing up the trunk of the tree from which she was hanging, and it would reach her any second now.


When something similar had happened to her before, Sally had just died and respawned.


“Ahh, I can’t…think! ‘Icicle’!”

Numerous icicles shot out of the ground and pierced the spider who had almost reached her.


“I don’t expect it to do much damage…here it comes.”

The spider, which was now in her vision, had changed its route and was moving along as it climbed one of the icicles.

But the large spider was an easy target for Sally now.


“‘Fireball,’ ‘Wind Cutter’!”

The magic that Sally unleashed was weak, but the damage would be effective over time.



Sally created an illusion of herself in a different direction, and the spider was easily tricked by it.

When she saw that the spider was moving away, Sally began to hit the webs with magic to see if she could break them.

However, there were no visible changes to the webs.


Sally looked down at the HP bar of the spider, who was now chasing the illusion.

It still had about 85% left.


“…I’ll have to kill it in one hit the next time it comes close.”

Sally realized that she would not be able to kill it if she continued to deal damage through ranged attacks. And so she decided to hit it so hard that it would not be able to retaliate.


“I’ll use a Doping Seed then. I can nullify damage at least one more time. So I may not have to give up.”

Sally’s clone had now been defeated, and the spider was climbing up the tree again.


Sally quickly pulled out the Doping Seed and popped it into her mouth.

It raised her STR in exchange for lowered VIT. Sally gripped her daggers and practiced raising her torso a few times, then waited for the spider’s arrival.


The spider was now right above her, and it started to smoothly climb down the string.


“‘Double Slash’!”

Sally swung forward and forced her body up and slashed at the face of the spider who was right near her knees.

However, she was attacking from a much too unstable position, and some of her slashes missed. And so the spider’s HP still had 20% remaining.


Of course, it retaliated.

The spider’s body glowed white for a second, then it’s body burst with webs.

They floated up in the air around the spider for a second, then they shot towards Sally.



While Sally was not able to perfectly dodge all of them, she was able to guard the left side of her body and throw the dagger in her right hand, which ensured that her right hand would stay free.


“‘Impact Fist’!”

She unleashed the air bullet that Maple had once used against a giant squid.

The attack landed on the spider’s face, causing the red damage effect to sprout all over its multiple eyes.


In return, the spider’s purple webs came back at her.

And then Sally realized something. Several of her skills had been sealed.

And it was affecting her gear as well, and she could not call out Oboro.


This wouldn’t have mattered if the spider was now dead, but it was not.


“It’s not defeated? Really?”

Only a few millimeters were left of the spider’s HP bar. It would have died with just one more hit of Double Slash.

The spider wrapped Sally up in its webs and crawled up to her neck. It was finally going to attack her.



As Sally tried to think of a way out, the spider’s sharp mandibles bit into her.

‘Empty Shell’ activated, and the damage was erased. However, she had nothing to help her survive the next attack.



Sally twisted her body, and the string swayed.

The spider’s mandibles came at her again.

In an instant, the red effect splattered, and the HP turned to 0.


“Hehe…too bad…”

Sally muttered.


And then she opened her mouth and laughed.






All the while, a small eyeball rolled on her tongue.






The spider turned into grains of light and disappeared.

When it happened, Sally felt as if her eyes met the eyes of the spider.


“If you want to hate someone…hate Maple.”

The spider’s body collapsed and faded away.


“Haha. Oh, gross.”

A mechanical sounding voice echoed in Sally’s head.

It was without a doubt, the sound of a newly acquired skill.




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