Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 164

Defense Specialization and Meeting Up



As Maple had accidentally used ‘Dedicated Affection,’ she decided to leave the jungle for now.

The reason was that she was currently in a state where she could be killed from a single piercing attack.


Furthermore, she had been fighting in the jungle for quite some time now and was tired.


Maple told Pain that she was leaving the jungle, then she was surrounded by light and teleported back to the main field.


“I guess I’ll go to the next place. It’s a good thing that I arrived in a place that was easy to navigate.”

Pain muttered to himself.

The scenery in the jungle was mostly the same wherever you went, and so it was useful to be close to one of the few landmarks here.

Pain was thinking about heading to an area that was a short distance from here, where golems were known to spawn in large numbers.


And so he had no business here anymore.

Pain stepped on the magic circle and returned to the twisted tree.


“Ah…alright. Let’s go.”

Pain switched gears and started to walk out again.

As Pain walked down the stairs, he bumped into some players who were walking upwards.


It was Chrome, Misery, Kanade, and Marx.

The four of them had been walking towards the same destination and happened to meet each other near the base of the tree. And so they had decided to cooperate.


All four of them noticed Pain.

When Chrome talked to Pain and found out where he was headed, the four of them talked about it and made a suggestion to Pain.


They said that if Pain could wait a little while, they would come and help him.

The four of them wanted a player who could unleash a lot of damage.


“…Fine. But what’s your strategy for the boss up there?”

Pain accepted their offer and asked them if they were sure they could win this fight.


“It’s not a problem. We’ll win.”

Chrome said with finality after answering a few questions.


Pain looked at them and thought for a little while before saying:


“I’ll go too. It will be faster that way.”

If he was just going to wait here, then he might as well fight again.

He hadn’t depleted much energy from the fight anyway, and he had been able to carefully and safely observe the enemy, thanks to having fought it once with Maple.


There was no reason that he could lose.


“It will be over quickly with 5 of us.”

Things played out just like Pain said they would before touching the magic circle.

Pain was the main attacker and Chrome blocked the boss’s attacks with his great shield.

Pain calmly repeated the safest actions and achieved a predictable victory.


Chrome also took no damage in the fight and was able to successfully fend off all the attacks.

Though, it was unknown if Pain and Marx were relieved by his movements because they saw him as strong and reliant or some other reason.


In any case, everyone except for Pain acquired new skills.

And since they were all able to return to their original place together, they decided to head for the deeper part of the forest, which was overflowing with golems.

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