Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 165

Defense Specialization and the Golems



The five of them including Pain walked in a tight group.

As most of them were rearguards, they could not advance at a fast pace, but their safety was more than guaranteed.


Pain told Chrome that Maple would have stayed with them if they had come a little earlier.


“Maple was here?”


“Yeah. We were moving together until right before you guys came. Oh, she was so strong. As always.”


“I’ve never fought her directly. But I would like to someday…no, it would turn into mudslinging.”

While not as long as Sally, Chrome had been around Maple for a long time as well.

As someone who was also a shield-bearer, he was starting to be able to establish how to block Maple’s attacks.


Of course, that didn’t mean he would be able to beat her.

Chrome held the possibility of surviving a fight against Maple, but he could not defeat her.


“But if I ever get the opportunity, I’m going all out. I’m not exactly a pushover you know.”

Chrome said as he slammed his right hand into his chest.


“If Maple remained as she is…I feel like I could almost stab her.”


“Oh, really? Well, Maple cannot be contained, so I have no idea what will happen in the future.”

Chrome added that it had always been this way.

Maple was constantly repeating the cycle of stagnation and then sudden growth.

Not only that, but there was no one around her, including herself who was able to predict it.


“Everyone, it’s a golem! Prepare for battle!”

They had continued to talk while being cautious.

And as they walked like that, they eventually arrived in the area overflowing with golems, which was Pain’s destination.

There were moss-covered ruins here, and there were more broken pillars and bricks than trees.


Misery alerted them and cast buffs on Pain and Chrome at the same time.


“It looks….like I won’t have anything to do this time. I’ll prepare some traps.”

Marx switched from normal road traps to traps for large monsters that had a high cost.


As he did this, Pain went ahead and began slashing at the arms of the stone golem.


“It’s easy if its just one!”

Pain twisted his body and avoided being hit by the golem’s fist. Then he used ‘Leap’ and cut down into the golem’s body.

For Pain, a golem was not the kind of enemy where he needed to care about defending himself.


In the end, Pain was able to kill the giant golem all by himself.

And it didn’t even take one minute.

Chrome ran up to him as he sheathed his sword.


“Hey, Pain. Look.”

“Hmm? This…”

Pain looked in the direction that Chrome was pointing.

Broken pillars and the skeleton of moss-covered ruin.

A golem appeared from its shadow. Not only that. Golems were coming out from all over the place. They cried as they charged at them.


It was as if they were blocking the way for anyone trying to go forward.

As Pain and the others watched, the golems increased to such a number that they covered the entire scene.


“Pain, what should we do!?”


“Let’s kill a few and then run through!”



Chrome and Pain exchanged words briefly and then unsheathed their weapons.

Misery cast an AGI increase buff on all of them, and they prepared to make a run for it.


“I’ll stop them with traps on both sides…but it won’t hold for long.”


“I’ll use my magic books for now. Hmmm, something with a piercing ability…this one I think.”

Kanade pulled out a book.

Just as the fight was about to begin, the book emitted a bright light.


The sound of wind blowing could now be heard above their heads.

It slowly became louder and blowed in specific directions.

It was now explosively loud.

Several spears of air shot out and pierced through the golems.

Dust rose into the air, and all of them felt the earth tremble under their feet.


“The damage isn’t as high as it looks, hurry!”

Obeying Kanade’s order, Pain stood in the lead and charged at the golems.


“You guys…don’t move…”

A pale light appeared from both sides and flowed to the feet of the golems, limiting their movement.

Marx’s MP was dwindling rapidly, but Misery quickly made up for it with her own skills.

It wasn’t just HP that Misery could replenish.


But since it was limited, she could not use it forever, but it was more than enough to get through this.


“There’s no end to it! We can’t keep fighting them.”

Chrome shouted as he parried a heavy fist, sending it into the ground.


There were too many to defeat, and it would be difficult to run through them.


It was right then.


A golem’s head blew off in an explosion of flames.


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