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Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 166

Defense Specialization and the Moss-Covered Ruin



Among the golems that surrounded Pain and the others, the golems that were around the outer rim started to explode into flames and vanish in bursts of light.

Pain and Chrome looked to see what was happening. They saw a lone girl who was using fire to fight the golems. It was Mi.


The golems were swarming around Mi as well and combined with the golems that were fighting Pain, they made a huge number.


Mi had also noticed the others from all of the noise. Kanade, Chrome and Pain’s equipment all stuck out from afar, and she knew the other two very well. So Mi was able to grasp the other team’s formation very quickly.


“You are here, huh.”

Mi burned the golems with a column of fire. It burned not only the golems around her but the golems around Pain as well.

And while it didn’t kill them, it was effective in pushing them off balance.

Pain and the others saw their chance and rushed passed the golems to meet up with Mi.


Misery and Marx had suggested it, and the others had agreed.

After seeing Marx and Misery, Mi called out.




“Yes, I know!”

Misery didn’t need detailed instructions and acted immediately.

She gave her extra MP to Mi.


“Here I go…!”

The sound of the golems steps and the clashing erased the skill’s name, but what happened next evoked a most powerful skill.


In an instant, there was a blazing wall of fire on both sides of the group. It stretched out in a straight path ahead, separating the golems.


“‘Secret Flower.’”

Marx said quietly, and then a thin vine wrapped around everyone that was there, and a white flower bloomed on top.


This was a skill that could only be used when you were not visible to the monsters, and for a hefty price, it would make you undetectable to monsters for 30 seconds.


The flower was made to wilt and die when the effect ran out, making it easy to know how long it would last.


“The golems will disappear shortly after losing sight of the player.”

Mi said, and started to walk down the path of fire.


“Let’s go too. This wall of fire will not last too long.”

Misery said. Then she caught up with Mi and whispered something in her ear.


“Why not come with us?”


“Can I? …It’s so hard when you are alone…”

Mi has loosened up ever since Maple had found out her secret, and she had shortly after exposed her personality to Misery as well.

And since she found it easy to talk to Misery, it made her time at the guild much more relaxing.


Upon hearing Mi’s words, Misery turned around to talk to Pain and the others.


“Mi said she’ll come with us. We’ll be much stronger!”

Mi had a very serious reputation, and so Misery had an important role and acted as a bridge between them.


“My magic is unstable, so it would be a great help.”

They had no reason to reject her, and so she was accepted. Misery was the only one who noticed how relieved Mi looked.


“Let’s go then. We don’t have any time, right?”

Chrome said as he began to walk.

And so they were able to escape the golems before the hiding effect expired.

Mi was thankful that the jungle was made so it could not burn.


And so they were all able to continue without anyone dying.


“I can see it now.”

They had broken through the golems, who were the guardians. And so there would obviously be something up ahead.

What Pain was pointing at was a rocky ruin covered in moss.

Towards the back, there was an especially large building that had a strong presence.

There were no monsters here, and so they easily reached the large building in the back.


A long, long staircase that led underground now faced the six of them.

But they had no reason not to descend, and so they started to walk.

It was all in order to acquire something that was protected here, even though they had no idea what it was.


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