Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 168

Defense Specialization and the Skeleton King



As soon as the fight began, Pain and Mi jumped forward towards the boss.

Chrome was just about to go after them when a blue flame burst from the tip of the staff that the boss was holding.

At the same time, the floor that had once seemed so normal began to crack, and skeletons wielding weapons began to break out of it.

The rusted swords and spears they carried were dripping with a black liquid.


“Chrome, protect the rear!”

Pain shouted as he slashed at the skeletons that blocked him.


“Sure! ‘Provoke’!”

Chrome stopped and held his shield up in front of the three rearguards. Skeletons were coming up all over the room now. And he had to prevent them from directly attacking the rearguard.


And so Chrome protected their backs as balls of fire and screaming wind blades flew through the air.

Kanade used a Magic Record that unleashed area attacks, and Misery attacked with her own magic that had area attacks.


Marx set out traps to bind the skeletons in order to support Chrome.

However, because he was using ‘Provoke,’ the skeletons continued to swarm around him.


Chrome maneuvered his great shield skillfully as he cut with his Japanese billhook, but then a spear pierced him in the arm.

And while he quickly blew away the skeleton who had hit him, his arm was spraying red light.


“The damage itself isn’t too…damn it! Are you serious! Be careful everyone, the skeleton’s attacks have an HP reduction effect!”

Even now, Chrome’s HP was slowly going down.

And while it did stop after several seconds, there was currently no way to deal with it, as it was not poison.


“It seems that the skeletons spawn endlessly!”


“Then…shoot around Mi and Pain. I’ll use traps over here.”

Marx took out some crystals and seeds from his pouch and scattered them on the ground.

When the crystals exploded on the ground, they let out electric flashes of light that stopped the skeletons from moving.

The seeds sprouted at an incredible speed, and their vines created a thick wall that closed around the skeletons.


Kanade and Misery saw this and began to use magic to attack ahead of them.

Pain and Mi were being blocked by more skeletons the closer they got to the boss, but because the support attacks were now stronger, they finally succeeded in reaching the boss.


“Would fire work on it?”

She waved her arm and used ‘Flame Empress’ to launch a fireball at the boss. It’s HP visibly decreased.


However, at the same time as its HP went down, what should have been a fountain of red damage effects was replaced with an oozing black liquid.

While Mi wasn’t hit directly, a little bit of it splashed onto her.


“My HP’s dropping…!”

As this area did not allow you to recover HP, there was no attack that could be more troublesome than this for Mi.


“Still, it’s weak. ‘Holy Blade of Conviction’!”

Pain slashed with his sword, pushing away the staff that the boss tried to use to guard himself. The sword cut deeply into its fleshless chest and up into its face.

The black liquid splashed onto Pain, and just as he was about to go in for another attack, the coffin began to overflow with the oozing black liquid.


“Tsk, Mi!”


“One more hit!”

Mi made the boss recoil with another fireball to the head before taking a step back along with Pain.

The skeletons that were rising up around them were attacked by a constant barrage of magic from the rear, allowing them to focus solely on the boss.


The black liquid that was oozing from out of the coffin finally stopped once it had covered the ground around the boss.

This meant that they would have to take some damage in order to get close to him.


Furthermore, the boss threw his staff towards the ceiling, and the ceiling sucked it in.

Then a black glow began to cover the bones of his body.

When this happened, half of the skeleton soldiers lost their power and disappeared. But in exchange, black drops of liquid began to rain down from the ceiling.

The familiar liquid chipped away at their HP.


“Everyone, to the front! Unite and attack!”

Pain charged again. At the same time, the other four all advanced so that the boss was within range of their attacks.


However, all of their attacks were greatly weakened due to the black light that was now covering the boss.


“Chrome…! Can you get close to the boss? It has a strong buff cast on it now…I’m going to deactivate it.”

Marx said. A white circle was floating above his right eye like a monocle.

In other words, he was using it to steal the boss’s data.


“Are you two alright?”


“I’ll use defense type Magic Records! It’ll be fine.”

He sounded confident, and so Chrome took Marx and rushed into the skeletons.

While they took damage, they arrived at the position Marx wanted to be.


“Good… ‘Holy Chains’!”

Yellow magic circles started to appear all around the boss’s body. And then white, glowing chains began to grow out of them and wrap around the boss.

The black glow around the boss disappeared. Not only that, but he was unable to move for three seconds.

But three seconds was much too long with Mi and Pain there.


“Let’s end this!”


“Of course!”

Mi’s fireballs burned its bones, and her pillar of fire destroyed the coffin.

Pain’s holy sword slashed into the boss’s face.


By the time the black drops had taken all of their HP bars to below 50%, the skeleton king had returned to his slumber.

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