Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 169

Defense Specialization and the Event



The skeleton king turned into light and disappeared, and only the coffin remained.

The six of them peered into the coffin and saw that there were six scrolls inside and six familiar looking silver medals.


There were also rusted swords laying around, but these two were the only items they were able to acquire.


All six of them took their reward and checked the skills inside of the scrolls.


‘Ghost Mud.’

For 30 seconds after use, adds a 25% HP loss to the damage that your attacks do.

Can be used again after 1 minute.


In other words, it was a skill based off of the black liquid that had been chipping away at their HP.


After checking this skill, they started to think about how they could use it.

Some of them looked at it curiously, and the others seemed very satisfied as they left the dungeon behind them.


Furthermore, the six of them decided that they would continue to explore the jungle until their HP ran out completely.




Several days passed since the 6 of them had completed the dungeon that was deep in the jungle.

Maple was slumped over her desk in the guild home.



She had left the jungle because her HP was low, but now she was having trouble obtaining the item that would allow her to go back.


As this occurred, she began to lose interest in the jungle itself. And so she ended up just staying alone in the guild home and moaning while the others were out exploring.


“Who cares about the jungle anyway! I already did plenty of exploring.”

Maple said with a renewed resolve and left the guild home.

Of course, she was not leaving in order to get the item to return to the jungle.


“Somewhere I haven’t been to… Ah, that’s it!”

As if remembering something, Maple slowly walked through the field of clouds.



“Woah…it’s amazing.”

What was in front of Maple now, was a great field of clouds and unending lightning.

Chrome had told her about this place a short while ago, and she decided to come to pay it a visit as she had nothing better to do.


“Alright…Here I go!”

With high spirits, Maple walked over the sea of clouds.

As the clouds rumbled loudly, there was no way for Maple to remain safe, and lightning struck down on her in a concentrated assault.


“Woah! …Oh. Okay! It’s nothing!”

Even if she was hit, Maple’s HP had not even moved a millimeter.

Not only that, but the paralysis effects also did not work on her.


“Okay, I better keep moving!”

Maple walked on. She had been struck by lightning dozens of times, but they all bounced off of her without exception.


“I wonder if I couldn’t dodge them like Sally? …Aghh! No, no. I can’t. Nope.”

She hopped around in an attempt to dodge it, but was immediately struck. Maple froze with shock and realized that it really was no use.


“Fine. I don’t care… Oomph!”

She said angrily and was immediately struck again as if to remind of her of that reality.


“Walking. Walking. I’m just walking.”

Even if Maple felt differently, her defense ability was the same. And so Maple continued to walk, all the while getting struck by lightning. And when she got past the area, what awaited her was not more thunderclouds, but a sea of pretty, white clouds.


“Did I get through it? …I hope there is something here.”

And so Maple looked around curiously as she walked.

It was after she had walked for some time. Maple saw something standing on top of a white cloud.

Maple squinted at the thing that was five times taller than her.


“Hmm… A chair?”

The thing that Maple thought was a chair was the same white as the cloud it was on, but had a brighter shine to it.


It was a giant throne.


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