Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 173

Defense Specialization and Umbrellas



While Maple continued to stay away from the jungle, the event finally finished.

Ultimately, she had not returned even once.


Now that the event was over, and everyone was in the mood for a short break, Maple went to the guild home.


“The event was over before I knew it… But it was such a hassle to get the item to return, so I guess it’s fine.”

As Maple wondered about what she should do next, Sally came in.

Maple waved a hand and so Sally walked up to her.


“Hey, Maple. Did you get anything good in the jungle?”

I did okay, Sally added. Her expression suggested that she had acquired something very good.


“Hmm…not really. I quit part way in and just explored this layer instead.”


“Oh. Well, it does take a lot of preparation… But did you accomplish anything here?”


“Yes, I did!”

Maple smiled as if to suggest she got something.


“Oh, what is it?”


“A throne!”


“A throne… Can you say that again?”


“…? A throne!”


“I see…”

That was all Sally said as she sat next to Maple on the sofa.

Sally had been so busy with the event, and so she had not seen Maple for a while.


They talked about Maple’s throne and about all the things that Sally had seen in the jungle.

As they talked like this, they moved on to the next subject, which was about the next layer.


“Now that the event is finished, there will probably be a new layer added soon.”


“That’s true. I wonder what it will be this time? I hope that it is pretty.”

Maple thought about the views she hadn’t seen yet.

It could be a beautiful sea, a serene forest, a lively town.


“So we should finish what we have left here… Right?”


“What we have left. What’s that, Sally?”


“You know, the place that you haven’t gone yet. Where the rain is slow. Let’s clear that area first.”

The place that Sally was talking about was the area that Chrome and Kasumi had discovered.

According to Sally, information about how to beat it had already circulated, along with what you gained from it.


“Sally, you haven’t gone to the lightning place, right?”


“Well, I’m fine. I’m not really drawn to that skill that you told me about anyway.”


“I see. So…will you come with me?”


“Yeah. Let’s get prepared and go to the rain area.”

And so the two of them decided to go to the rain area.

Just as they reached out for the door in order to leave the guild home, the door opened from the other side.


“Oh, Maple and Sally. Are you going somewhere?”

Kasumi was standing there.

She didn’t have any particular purpose but had just stopped by.


“We’re going to the place where the rain is really slow. The place you told me about before!”


“Ah, that place… Hmm, do you mind if I tag along then?”

Kasumi asked. It seemed like a good opportunity.

Maple and Sally had no reason to refuse, and so they decided to all go together.


“Uh, Kasumi. Do you have it?”


“No, not yet. I was so focused on the event.”



Maple tilted her head as she listened to them talk.

Sally noticed this and suddenly asked Maple a question.


“Hey, Maple. What do you use when it’s raining?”


“Uh…um, an umbrella?”

Maple said hesitantly.


“Yes, bingo! It’s an important item when going to that area.”


“That’s why we’re going to go and buy umbrellas now. I know where the store is.”

Kasumi and Sally walked in the lead as if guiding her. Maple followed after them.



And like that, the three of them arrived at the store that sold umbrellas.

There were many umbrellas packed into the store, and there was a wide variety of types, colors, and sizes.


“Hmm, which should I choose?”


“All of them have the same effect.”


“Okay, got it.”

Maple said and started to walk around the store. She looked through the umbrellas and tried to choose one.


“I think I’ll take this one.”


“It’s nice and simple.”

Kasumi had a dark red, paper umbrella. Sally bought an umbrella that was the same blue as her clothes.


“Where’s Maple…oh, there she is! Uh, what’s that?”

The umbrella that Maple was holding was made up of parts that were all fluffy clouds.


“It’s a store exclusive!”


“Are you easily swayed by that kind of thing?”


“Uh…well, maybe. But this works as an umbrella, see!”

Maple opened the cloud umbrella and twirled it above her head.


“Well, if they’re selling it, then it must work. There shouldn’t be a problem. I hope.”

Kasumi could never be sure about anything when it came to Maple.


In any case, all three of them took their new umbrellas and continued on to the area with the slow rain.






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