Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 172

Defense Specialization and the Throne



The result of this was as obvious as anything.


The white wings of complete protection were shining as Maple led the other two forward.

The arrows of light could not stop their advance, and they slowly and surely closed the gap between them and the enemy.


When they reached the feet of the giant king, Maple told the other two to prepare.


“Yes, please wait a moment.”

Yui and Mai started to use several items.

As they did this, their bodies exuded a red aura, which signaled that their attack power was being raised.

When that was completed, they equipped their second great hammer, and they were done.


“Oh, right! ‘Encourage’!”

Maple had a skill that she acquired during the second event and hardly ever used.

With this, Yui and Mai’s STR and AGI were temporarily raised 20%.


With a 20% STR boost, they could expect a damage output that was nothing like what Maple’s had been dealing while she was tossing the red stones.


With this extra support added, Yui and Mai moved to crush the king.


“‘Double Strike’!”

“‘Double Strike’!”

A thunderous sound echoed with every strike of their hammers. Together, they hit it 8 times, and the boss was no more.


The light that made up his body dispersed and disappeared.

It rained down over them as the notice for a new skill arrived.


“Yes! Hehe! You called two angels on me too, so it’s only fair. Oh, I better check the skill.”

Maple said and checked the skill.


‘Throne of the Heavenly King’

After the skill is activated, it will reduce damage to the person sitting on the throne by 20% until the skill is deactivated or you die. Recover 2% HP every second.

It also makes ‘evil’ type skills, including your own unusable within a 30-meter radius.


“Ah…so this was the cause of it.”

Maple was satisfied that she now knew why she had struggled so much.

This had caused many of her skills to become unusable.


“Maybe I’ll try it out… ‘Throne of the Heavenly King’!”

As Maple said this, lights began to gather behind her, and a throne that was much like the giant one, only this time made for her size, materialized.


Maple cautiously sat down on it, and then a bright light shot out through the ground and spread outward.

There was also now a thin layer of light surrounding her body.

And just like how it was with the king, Maple’s wings went through the back of the throne and shined behind her.


“Woah…it’s nice…and pretty.”

Maple had not acquired so many skills that would have to be sealed out of personal taste.

But as she had many of them, this skill, with its purely beautiful effects, quickly rose as one of Maple’s favorites.


Even if it dropped her attack ability.


She smiled as she sat on the throne and waved her feet. Then Yui said,


“Maple? Uh…what is that?”


“Hm, oh? You two didn’t get this skill too?”


“Yes. We got the light arrow skill that the boss was just using. But it has nothing to do with STR, so we probably can’t use it.”

Maple thought a little after hearing this.

Why had they acquired different skills?


What she felt was the most likely reason was the skill that she currently had activated, and gave her angel wings. Dedicated Affection.


“The king had wings part way in…so it must be that. But there are no conditions written anywhere.”

Maple got up from her throne and was about to leave with the other two.

When she did this, the aura of light around her disappeared and the light on the ground also vanished.


“Oh, right. You have to be sitting down for it to work. Well, let’s just go back now.”





“Hmm…? No, wait a second?”

Just as they started to leave, Maple stopped and cupped her chin in thought.


After a minute.

As the lightning fell, something was flying in the air and shining brightly. It was a giant turtle with a throne on its back.


“Syrup? Is it too heavy?”

Maple asked Syrup.

The throne that had materialized on top of Syrup, was fixed steadily to its back.

Currently, she could see that it did not add any weight, as far as stats were concerned.


“Maybe I’ll stay like this with Syrup for a while. Yes, that’s a good idea!”


“Maple, we’re almost out of the lightning area.”

Yui pointed to where white clouds were starting to show.


“Oh, yeah. What are you going to do after this?”


“Uh…we were thinking of level grinding a little.”

According to Mai, they were not yet at the suggested level for this layer.


“We cannot survive here unless we can one-shot our enemies.”


“Hmm. I should probably do that too. I haven’t been doing that recently.”

They talked about this as they rode Syrup back to the normal field.






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