Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 171

Defense Specialization and the Item



After the day of her shopping spree, Maple continued to ignore the jungle and walked through the thunderous sea of clouds.


“I hope that I can win… But, I don’t know.”

Maple was very worried, but her inventory was full of the items that she had bought.

If just one of them were effective, then she had a chance of making it.


“I might have bought a lot of useless things…? No, who cares! I’ll just try them all, and if they don’t work, I’ll think again!”

Maple thought as the throne appeared before her again.


“Okay. I’m going to do it! I’m going to do it!”

Maple stepped out towards the throne, and just like before, a light started to take shape on it.

The holy light began to shine and spread on the ground, and the arrows started to fire.


“I’m not going to bother with that anymore, alright?”

Maple was not here for another shootout. And so she allowed the arrows to fire and she made a beeline towards the king.

When she arrived at the feet of the giant king of light, she opened her inventory as the rain of arrows fell on her.


“Hm… Let’s try one at a time then.”

Maple took out a single sheet of paper and stuck it onto the king’s foot.

In the next instant, the paper started to glow red, then it burst into flames.


“Ahh…it’s not working? So fire doesn’t affect him. Okay, next one!”

Maple pulled out a similar sheet of paper and stuck it on.

This time, there was a loud noise as the paper began to freeze.


“Oh, it’s HP went down a little! Good…”

Maple left her inventory open as she sat down by his feet. Now began the long process of taking each sheet out and sticking it on his foot.

She continued to attack by freezing him with these sheets, and after a while, she was able to bring his HP down to 90%.


“Hmm… I ran out. I guess I’ll try a different item now.”

And so Maple used a different item, and when that ran out, she used another one. And little by little, the boss’s HP went down.


Partway into this process, the boss’s attacks became stronger and had added effects. However, Maple continued to block all of them, and so they had no effect on her at all.


“Ah, I used up all of my magic attack items now… Fire and wind don’t work, so I’ll save these for later… Hmm…”

Maple looked at the king of light’s HP gauge.

It had gone down, but it still had 60% left.

In the first place, the items that Maple was using could only deal a small amount of damage, and so it could not be helped.


These items had not been cheap, and were supposed to be quite effective, and yet they could only do so much damage.


“Alright, time for this thing!”

The next thing that Maple pulled out was a red stone that fit nicely into the palm of her hand.

Maple threw it at the giant foot.

It bounced off after dealing 1 point of damage.


This was the thing that Maple had heard of while walking in the town.

It was a cheap item that had the power to deal random damage between 1 and 3.


Maple had overheard some people talking about whether this item could not be used to defeat her.

As for that dilemma, they decided that it would be much easier to beat her with piercing skills. But Maple did not hear that part.


“More…I still have plenty more!”

While this was not the conventional way of using it, Maple continued to pull them out and throw them. And like this, the boss’s HP slowly but surely began to drop.


It was a method that took a long time, but Maple had no other options to deal damage now, and like this, she was the one who had a possibility of winning.


This would continue until she emptied her inventory of the insane amount of stones she had bought.


“Oomph! Mmmph! Yes, yes, half! Hm?”

As Maple threw the stones and the boss’s HP dropped to 50%, two angels appeared around it.

They floated in the air and shot arrows at Maple.


“It won’t work! Won’t work! Or not? What’s this?”

Maple’s body was being wrapped up by shiny golden threads, and they were connected to the ground.

Whenever Maple moved, the golden threads only stretched instead of breaking.


“Hmm, what the… Ah, it’s taking my MP. Well, fine then. That has nothing to do with me.”

As its appearance of binding would suggest, it also sucked away her AGI, but her AGI was a 0 so there was nothing to take. And so this too had no effect on Maple.


“Okay. One more time then.”

So saying, Maple turned back to the king of light. That’s when she noticed that something had changed.

There was a glimmering halo above its head, and not only that, she could see large wings in that back that pierced through the throne.


But the most terrible change of all was that its HP was slowly recovering.


“Wha!? Wa-wait!”

Maple quickly started to attack again, but the recovery speed was faster. And before long, it had regained all of the HP that Maple has used so many items to chip away at.


“That’s not fair. So unfair!”

Maple stabbed into the giant’s foot with her short sword, but it did no damage.


“Agh….! Ah…hmph. Then take this thing I accidentally bought!”

Maple said as she took out a few dozen weight stones for pickles from her inventory and dropped them on its feet.


The store that had sold the red damage stones required you to make purchases through a panel display, and so she had bought these by accident.

Maple was not able to sell them, and had a faint hope that they would become useful at some point, and had held onto them until now.


“I’m leaving… Hah…uhh…”

Maple ignored the golden threads around her and the volley of arrows as she trudged away from the boss.


“Uhhh… He really made me waste all of that.”

She logged out for the day and rolled around in her room with a much more sulky expression than usual.



The next day.


“Woah! So much lightning…”


“Uhhhh…it really took me by surprise.”


“I was shocked by it too.”

Maple said with a smile. White wings shone on her back.


“Um…wasn’t it today…”


“Yeah, it won’t take long. Sorry for asking you two to help…”

Maple said apologetically and bowed.


“No, we just quit the jungle, as the exploration was too harsh for us…right? Mai?”


“That’s right. It was perfect timing.”

The two of them said that they were returning a debt for when Maple had helped them, and so they went with Maple to her third visit to the throne.


“I’ll get you this time.”

Maple said as she marched towards the throne.

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