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Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 175

Defense Specialization and the Rain Area 2



However, while they were moving on to the second phase, they would basically be repeating the same process.

Maple aside, Kasumi and Sally had all of the boss’s attack methods during each phase memorized.


Because of this, they could see just how probably their victory was, once they had gotten through the first phase.


“It’s falling faster now. Sally is…dealing with it.”

The speed at which the drops fell would increase with every phase, and so would the number of them.

As Maple was practically luring the boss nonstop, Kasumi was able to focus on the sky and was prepared in case Sally couldn’t manage it alone.


However, Sally was much too quick in destroying the raindrops, and so Kasumi was mostly looking at Sally and not at the sky.


“Now even Sally has started to fly in the sky…well, it isn’t exactly comparable to Maple, though.”

Sally was really just jumping between the pillars of ice, and so she was not flying where there was nothing.


“I bet Sally could move freely like that in the forest. No, if anything it would increase her mobility.”

As Kasumi was thinking this, the boss’s core started to move again, and this time, a slightly larger number of clones appears.


“‘Blood Blade’!”

Kasumi sacrificed her HP again as her red blade began to spread. And just like the last time, she was able to attack all of the cores.


“I can still use it. Yes, it’s a lot easier to use compared to ‘Purple Phantom Blade.’ Though, it doesn’t deal as much damage…”

Just as Kasumi had fulfilled her role, the boss started to move away from Maple and approached Kasumi, who was closer.

However, since its attacks were slow, it was unable to catch Kasumi, with her high AGI.


It was so slow, that the only reason it could attack Maple was due to the fact that she wasn’t moving at all.


“I think it will start using ranged attacks soon.”

Furthermore, they already knew its attack patterns, which meant that it could do nothing to them.


Ultimately, Saly didn’t allow a single raindrop to fall, and so the field never became advantageous for the boss.

Additionally, Maple did not run out of bullets and Kasumi was not defeated.


All of it ended according to their plan.


The final Blood Blade sank into the core and caused the boss to melt and crumble.


“Ahhh, my secret weapon, the throne…I wasn’t able to use it.”

Maple said sadly as Sally came down from an ice pillar.


“Hahh… I used this skill in a real fight for the first time. It’s so tiring. I don’t think that it was designed to zip around like that. Oh well.”

She grumbled as she walked up to Maple and stretched out her limbs.


“You were amazing, Sally!”


“Hmm, really? Thanks. Even with this…I can’t exactly fly next to you. But eventually, we will be able to fight in the air together.”


“Hey, you two! It dropped an item!”

Kasumi called them over. They accepted the items and looked at them.


“I see. A crystal that allows you to create the same rain that was falling here…and you can make up to three. 1-minute cooldown, huh.”

Sally nodded as she read through it.


“However, they seem to disappear if they take any damage. I wonder…maybe you could use them as a foothold, Sally?”


“That’s what I was thinking. I’ll have to test it out.”

By combining it with Icicle, Sally might be able to stay in the air for much longer.

That was one of the reasons she had come here.


“I don’t know about… Maybe I’ll use it when someone comes right in front of me.”

It would be quite troublesome to have it used just as you got close, but Maple wasn’t sure she would be able to do it quickly enough.


They had done what they needed to do on this layer, and so they decided to wait until the next event or layer implementation for the next few days.


“Let’s go back then.”


“Yeah, let’s do that.”


“… ‘Throne of the Heavenly King’!”

As Maple said this, a white throne appeared behind her.





The two looked at Maple in surprise.


“Hehe. I wanted to show you two. Were you surprised? Isn’t it pretty!”

Maple said with a smile.


“Uh…it’s pretty, but that’s not why I was surprised.”


“Ahh, but I’m relieved in a way. Seeing that you haven’t changed.”



Maple could not quite understand what Kasumi meant by that.


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