Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 176

Defense Specialization and to the Sixth Layer



Time passed, and it was now early March.

In a certain dungeon, a path had been made that led to the next layer.

After the first team went through, the members of Maple Tree decided to head to that dungeon as well.


“Apparently, this next boss is a jellyfish made of clouds. And it’s supposed to use a variety of status effects.”

Kasumi gave a simple explanation of the boss.

Chrome and Sally listened to her, and then Chrome opened his mouth.


“Will physical attacks work?”



“And…Yui and Mai are here today.”

Sally added.

Chrome heard this and asked another question.


“Does it have any piercing attacks?”


“No one had confirmed any yet.”

Kasumi said, and Chrome let out a big sigh before saying:


“We won this.”




“I agree.”

Today, everyone was there at the guild home.

Which meant that it was possible to attack the boss in their best condition.

It wasn’t pride that made these three sure of their victory, it was just an obvious fact.


As the three of them talked, the other five came out into the lobby with Izu in the lead.


“Let’s go then! We’ll finish it quickly and go to the 6th layer.”


“Okay. Should we ride Syrup?”

Everyone agreed to this suggestion, and so all of the members of Maple Tree got onto Syrup’s back and traveled across the sea of clouds.




“We arrived!”

Maple had Syrup land on the ground and petted its head before returning it to her ring.

The entrance of the cloud dungeon stood agape in front of them as if in greeting.


“Should we go then?”


“Maple will take the lead. Kasumi and I will be in the rear. Well, just in case.”

As Chrome said, they were only being cautious. After all, as he was saying this, Maple had already started to activate ‘Dedicated Affection.’


“Well, maybe a skill deactivation effect will come flying out of nowhere…”

Yui and Mai walked in the middle as they went down the narrow corridor.

Generally, Yui and Mai were protected until they reached the boss fight.


“Though, I actually think Maple could kill it by herself.”


“I think so too.”

As Kasumi and Chrome said this, Maple’s great shield was swallowing up thunderclouds that were ramming into her.


“Forward! Keep moving!”

The shield was more than enough protection for them when the path was this narrow.

If you were in the corridor alone, it would have been filled with poison, and so this was rather mild.


If there were monsters that could stop Maple’s advance, they would not be placed in the tunnels like the weak monsters.

As long as Sally continued to tell Maple which way to go, it would be an easy thing for her to reach the boss room.


Once they opened the door to the boss boss and all of them stepped foot inside, the ceiling of the room, which were made out of clouds, began to swell and expand.

And then the ceiling tore open and tentacles made of clouds began to stretch out in the shape of a jellyfish.


“Ohhh, it looks so soft!”


“I bet it’s poisonous. Maple, could you just draw its attention for now?”



Maple started to play excitedly with the jellyfish that approached her.


As the paralysis effect of the tentacles was not effective on Maple, all it did was feel very comfortable on her skin.

It didn’t matter if it was hitting her hard, the tentacles seemed to just bounce off of her.


In the back, the others were just barely within range of Maple’s protection as they buffed Yui and Mai.


And then after a short while.


“Alright. Yes! I’m done!”


“We’re fine…!”

Now that the two were ready, they wielded their two great hammers that were longer than they were tall, and they walked towards the jellyfish.


“Uh, Mister Jellyfish? Sorry? We have to fight you now.”

Maple noticed that the two were coming towards her, and she let go of the fluffy tentacles with a feeling of remorse, and then moved away.


“‘Double Stamp’!”

“‘Double Stamp’!”

The jellyfish caught the full force of their blows and was thrown into the air. The battered cloud started to fall apart.


“I felt bad that it didn’t have any physical resistance.”


“Oh, so do I.”

It was mainly them that had buffed Yui and Mai so that they could one-shot it.

And while Kanade and Izu were one of the reasons that this tragedy occurred, they did mean what they said.


And like that, the 8 of them continued on to the 6th layer without so much as a struggle.


“I wonder what it will be like, Sally.”


“Who knows? Well, I don’t mind what it is like… But I would be happy if it allowed me to use with my webs.”


And then they saw the exit that would lead to the new layer.

The scene that spread before them was a vast wilderness and an old headstone.

The area was dark and shrouded in a little mist. The moonlight that shined down gave it all an eerie glow.



Maple was looking at the scene when someone pulled her right hand, and so she turned her head.

It was Sally, and she appeared to be very pale.


In other words, this was a typical horror zone. That was what the 6th layer was.



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