Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 177

Defense Specialization and the 6th Layer



As always, the members of Maple Tree decided to head for the guild home first.

Sally didn’t let go of Maple’s right hand as they walked, and she seemed uncomfortable as her eyes shifted in every direction for reasons that weren’t related to exploration.


While the exterior of the guild home resembled a deserted house, the interior had the same spacious and pleasant rooms that they were used to.

They all moved out of the lobby in order to check their own rooms and the locations of the facilities. Only Maple and Sally stayed in the lobby.


“Hah…I can finally relax.”

Sally sighed. She controlled her panel until the logout screen was displayed.


“Well…Maple. See you when the 7th layer is ready…”



Sally smiled weakly, then disappeared. It was as if she was running away, without waiting for Maple’s reply.

Actually, running away was exactly what she was doing. But Maple knew Sally well enough to know that there was nothing that could be done.


“I guess Sally can’t explore this layer.”

There was something that Sally hated just as much as Maple hated pain.


“Considering what she said…she’s not likely to come back.”

And so Maple gave up and decided to explore the town by herself.

Maple left the guild home and looked both to her right and left.


“Yes! I’ll learn so much about the 6th layer, that I’ll be able to tell Sally everything about it when she returns!”

Maple thought excitedly, as she began to walk down the moonlit street.




“Woah…all these houses are abandoned. Maybe they are normal inside…hmm!?”

Sometimes she would walk passed a completely crumbled ruin, and a lukewarm or sometimes cold wind would caress her neck.

But whenever Maple turned around, there was nothing there.


“This is why Sally can’t walk here.”

There were also blue will-o’-the-wisps inside some of the windows. And since Sally’s senses were much sharper than Maple’s, she would have noticed them more often.


“I think I’ll just try going into one of the stores!”

Maple said as she entered one dimly lit building.




While Maple was exploring.

Risa was rolling around on her bed after having returned to the real world.


“Ahhh. No. No. Oh, I don’t even care. I’ll level up on a different layer.”

Risa was lazing around as if she had no regrets, but after a while, she started to look up information about the 6th layer.


And the first thing that she saw was that you could get an MP increase skill.


“Maybe Kanade will get it… I sort of want it… Wraiths? Skeletons? No, no, no.”

Risa said to herself as she saw what the enemy types were.


But she continued to look up more information.

While there wasn’t that much information out there yet, she was able to find out about the things that were easy to acquire.


These included a skill that gave you resistance to status effects, a skill that had the chance of doubling the effect of some items. An AGI increase skill and an acceleration skill.

And there were also shoes that allowed you to create a transparent foothold in the air.


“Ahhh…oh….mmm…hm! Aghh….agaahh…!”

She groaned in a hideous voice as her fingers traced the screen. However, the letters on the screen did not change.


After that, Risa prepared to return to the game, but then she stopped. Then she would try again and then stop. She repeated this several times as she paced back and forth in her room. In the end, she just collapsed on her bed and did nothing.



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