Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 180 Defense Specialization and the Haunted Mansion 3



Just as Sally had been teleported away, Maple also found herself in a different place.



Maple looked around her, but she could not see Sally anywhere.

Maple was currently in a room somewhere.

There was a closet with no doors and a bed covered in dust. The sheets were torn up and the floorboards were missing in some places.


“I have to find her!”

Maple grabbed the doorknob in order to leave, but it only rattled when she tried to turn it, and would not open.

There was no keyhole, and she could not understand why it wouldn’t open.


“Mmph…Agh! Can I break it? I’ll try.”

Maple said as she aimed her gun barrels at it.

Just then, she heard something creak behind her, and she turned around to look.

It was a dark shadow that looked like it was the blackness of night after being solidified.


“Wait…uh, ‘Throne of the Heavenly King’!”

Maple quickly conjured the throne and sat on it.


“Even if I can’t observe it carefully like Sally usually does, I can do this!”

Maple looked at the actions of the shadow.

It was human in shape as it stretched a hand out towards her, but nothing happened.


“In any case…it seems fine? Alright. ‘Commence Attack’!”

While Maple tried to attack it with bullets, they all went straight through it and hit the wall in the back.

The shadow continued to approach her and then attacked her directly. But they all bounced off.


“Hmmm. I guess physical attacks won’t work on it then… Will the door open if I kill it? Hmm… Oh!”

Maple leaned forward and stuck her head into the shadow’s body.

However, even when she tried moving her mouth, she just went right through it.


“It really is no use. Hm? Oh, I know!”

Maple remembered something and went into her inventory to take out an item.

It was the remaining sheets of paper that she used to deal damage to the king of light’s feet.

As fire and wind attacks did not affect the king, she had plenty of them left.


“It’ll be scary if it burns, so I’ll use wind…there!”

After Maple used the item, a wind blew into the room and cut into the shadow in front of her.


“Yes, yes. Take another one!”

Maple continued to stick the sheets of paper onto the shadow.

The black shadow was only slightly stronger than typical grunts, and it died after only 10 sheets of paper were used.


As there were few players who would use these close up without any skills, its firepower was set relatively high.


When the shadow disappeared, she heard the click of a lock opening behind her.


“Did it open? But there was no keyhole.”

Maple dismissed the throne and turned the doorknob.

This time, the door opened smoothly.


“Yes! I can get out!”

Maple left the room hurriedly so that she would not be trapped in again.


“I’ll have to be careful of the floor as I look for Sally. I don’t want to get teleported again.”

Maple ran down the hallway.




As for Sally, she was currently shivering under a desk in a room that she had found herself in.

As she could not leave, there was nothing to do but wait for Maple’s arrival.


“I-I know…a message.”

Sally sent a message to Maple.

All it said was that she wanted her help, and there was nothing in it to actually improve her situation, but Sally did not realize this.


“I’ll stay here for a while…”

And by that, she meant that she would wait until Maple came for her.

Or in other words, forever if need be.


However, this room was not made to be so merciful to Sally.


The door in the room opened with a creaking sound.

Sally could not see it from under the desk, but there was something walking towards her.

Hearing this, Sally covered her mouth with both hands to stop her breathing and erase her presence.


The broken floorboards were squeaking.

The sounds were slowly getting closer to the desk, until finally, Sally could see the pale feet right in front of her eyes.




Sally prayed that they would pass her, and her prayers were answered. The feet that hardly looked human moved passed her and continued on.



Just as Sally was starting to feel relieved, the alert for a new message rang.


Maple was kind, and there was no way that she would not reply.


The footsteps suddenly came back towards her, and it was all that Sally could do to roll out from under the desk and jump out of the room.


“Maple! Maple! Heeeelp meee!”

She screamed without thinking. And in reply, hands sprouted from the floor and walls and a child ghost that was covered in blood appeared before her.


“‘Super Acceleration’! Super Acceleration, Super Acceleration!”

Sally ran like crazy and threw herself into a different room.

However, she could not avoid the ghosts that were overflowing from that room either.

Sally was lost, and she found herself going deeper and deeper into the mansion as she ran.


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