Defense Specialization and the Haunted Mansion 4




Running and running. Moving from room to room.

Sally did it so many times, and each time there were cold arms that grabbed her.

The reality was that she could not escape.


Had the ghosts resembled orcs or goblins, then Sally would have been able to use her abilities to evade them easily.

But when she was not able to move as always, she was nothing more than slightly faster than the average player.


Sally’s AGI had already gone down to 25%.

And that made her ability to escape even weaker.


Because of this, Sally found herself getting caught more often.


After a while, Sally was so dispirited that she locked herself into a closet, closed her eyes and started shaking.


She sent a message to Maple saying that she was in a closet and that she did not need to reply. She no longer thought for a second that she would survive alone.



Sally mumbled to herself as she sniffed, but she heard no answer.




During this time, there were two things that were slowly approaching Sally.

One was the ghost who was chasing her, and the other was Maple, who had finally reached the same floor as her.



Maple had reached here by accident, and she was now checking each of the rooms one by one.


“Sally, I don’t know where you are. I’m looking at all the rooms… But, I’m sure you’re not dead.”

Maple was sticking the sheets of paper on all of the ghosts she encountered as if they were exorcist charms.


While she was doing this, a bloody ghost of a child appeared in front of her and slowly came forward.


“Uh… May your soul rest in peace! Woah!?”

Maple was about to take out the item when a red handprint appeared over the screen.


“What the… Oh, the item, item.”

Maple regained her calm and took out the item and stuck it onto the child ghost.

It burned up and quietly disappeared.


And then Maple started to navigate her inventory in order to prepare the next item.

And that’s when she noticed that she couldn’t log out anymore.


“This is what Sally was talking about… That must mean that Sally is close by!”

Maple did a celebratory fist pump.


“But…hmm. I hope she is okay.”

The ghosts here were scarier than any she had seen before, and so she was afraid for Sally.


“Yes. She’s definitely not okay! I have to find her!”

Maple came to this conclusion after a little thought, and so she held her great shield in front of her and remained cautious, even as she rushed down the hallway.


“Sally… won’t reply. I bet she’s crying now…”

Maple tried to see if she could hear Sally’s crying as she checked every corner of the rooms.


“Oh, I know! I’ll tell Sally that I’m close by now!”

Maple sent a message to Sally and returned to her search. Sally received the message that Maple had sent.

Sally read the message and looked as if a ray of hope was shining down on her face.


“Ah, footsteps…! Maple?”

The footsteps stopped in front of the door, and then she heard the door opening. To the right of the opened door was the closet where Sally was hiding.


“Just a little…”

Sally opened the closet door just a little and peeked outside. Strangely, Sally was completely sure that this time it was Maple who had entered the room. This was a mistake on her part that came from the strong desire to be saved no matter what.


The arms were long and thin. The skin pale.

A face she had never seen before with long bangs hanging above pits where eyes should have been. The black holes were dripping as blood ran through them.


Sally and the ghost looked at each other.


They looked at each other.



Sally closed the door in a panic, but then it was slowly reopened from the other side.

And the dark, dark pits that should have been eyes, looked at Sally through the crack.



Sally had no strength left in her. She collapsed on the closet floor.

The door was now open all the way, and the ghost slowly stretched out a hand towards Sally.


Black shadows oozed around the ghost, and thick blood dripped from its eyes.


“I’m sorry… I’m sorry…”


“! “Throne of the Heavenly King’!”

Sally could do nothing but apologize now, but just then, someone opened the door and burst inside. It was Maple.


The field of light spread out until it reached the ghost. And then the eerie dark shadow disappeared in a flash.


“Sally! Are you okay!?”


“Ohh, ohhhh…Maple…”

Sally came out of the closet and clutched onto Maple.


“That’s a relief…but, what should we do about that?”

Maple raised her head and saw another ghost coming down from above them.


“It’s really looking at us!”
Maple tried looking away and pushing the ghost’s face with her hands, but it only went through them.




“Really, what should I do…”

Maple remained on her throne and wondered.


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