Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 183

Defense Specialization and the Search for Shoes



Several days had passed since Maple and Sally explored the mansion.

This was a time when Sally had not yet begun to have such stupid thoughts as taking on the 6th layer once again. As for Maple, she was currently relaxing in the 6th layer’s guild home.


“Sally’s leveling up in the 5th layer, Yui and Mai are also exploring a different layer… What should I do?”

The 6th layer was difficult for Yui and Mai for an entirely different reason then Sally.

As there were many enemies who nullified physical attacks, their special moves would be pointless even when they landed.


“Hmm, now that I think of it. One of the things that Sally had wanted was an item…”

Maple nodded enthusiastically. She decided that she would spend the day searching for that item.


“I did promise Sally that if I found any items she would like, that I would give them to her. And I haven’t given her anything yet. So it’s perfect!”

Maple had received HP boosting accessories from Sally on top of help collecting materials.

Sally had also gathered the money used in establishing the guild home.


So Maple felt like this was a good opportunity to give back to her.


“Ah, but I don’t think Sally did any research on how to acquire them.”

Sally’s information gathering on this occasion was a little questionable to put it lightly. And so Maple decided to go and check the information board that was set up in the town square.


“Alright. Now that that’s decided, time to go!”

Maple ran excitedly out of the guild home.




She walked down the great street. There were empty houses to the right and empty houses on the left. Finally, she reached the message board.


“Woah, there are so many people…”

As it was right after the implementation of a new layer, there was a large board with many people in front of it.

Maple’s small body waded through the waves of people until she was close enough to the message board to read the information.


“Hmm…here it is! This is it!”

Maple carefully took note of the acquisition requirements and spawn location before moving away.


She waded back through the sea of people. Maple sighed when she finally reached a secluded area.


“I bet there will be so many people out in the field as well.”

She thought such things as she rode Syrup towards the place she had looked up.




“Ahhh, I knew there would be a lot of people here.”

She looked down from up in the sky and saw the blinking of various magic and skill effects all over the area.


The monsters they were after were a type of ghost monster. Their bodies were entirely white and their bones glimmered.

These monsters disappeared, then reappeared and attacked. And of course, they were immune to physical attacks.


“Hmmm…this will be hard for me.”

Most of Maple’s skills were wide-range annihilation or up-close attacks. She didn’t have anything that had just the right range for this kind of distance.


“I wonder if they spawn anywhere else?”

Maple decided to leave this place and search somewhere else.

Thankfully, the monsters she was searching for were bright enough that she could see them from the sky, which would make them easier to spot.


“I’ll come back here if I don’t find any. Yes. Okay, Syrup? Let’s go.”

Maple had Syrup turn all the way around and they moved out and out into the huge field. They would fly further away from the town.


“I hope they are here…hmm…I’ll search some more.”

Maple was poking her head out from Syrup’s shell and straining her eyes as she looked down.

After doing this for a while, they started to fly close to a mountain that was covered in a thick mist.


“I can’t see the ground from here… Maybe I should just check the mountain top? If there is any, it would be there!”

Maple lowered Syrup a little and then landed in a small clearing.


“Thank you, Syrup!”

Syrup returned to Maple’s ring as she started to climb the mountain.

After climbing for a while, a ghost monster that was made of clear, red bones appeared before Maple in the mist.


“That’s not the right one… But I might as well?”

As it was a different monster, she knew that this had little to do with her goal. However, Maple decided that she didn’t mind, and she would try killing it anyway.


“Alright, ‘Provoke’! Don’t run away!”

After Maple used ‘Provoke,’ several other identical looking monsters started to appear in the area.


“Yes! How lucky!”

As searching for monsters tended to take Maple a lot of time, she was very happy to see them come to her for once.



The torrent of poison that she hadn’t been able to use in the haunted mansion.

The rush of poison that shot out of the magic circle swallowed up the monsters.


“What!? You’re still alive!?”

Perhaps they had high resistance to poison, because Hydra was unable to one-shot them.

Maple’s eyes widened at the surprising toughness.


Black smoke was rising from the backs of the monsters, and they started to take the shape of a skull.

The ghosts were now letting out a horrible sound, even though they had no voice box.


“Uh, ohhh…this looks dangerous… ‘Throne of the Heavenly King’!”

As if it was an emergency escape, Maple sat down on the throne that appeared behind her.

It seemed to be effective, because the dangerous-looking attacks were now canceled.


“Hmm. But I really can’t attack while I’m sitting on this. But it’s so pretty, so I like to use it…”

The fact that many of the monsters on the 6th layer were immune to physical attacks was the reason that battles tended to be prolonged.


“If only I could do this with someone else… If only Sally were here… Hmm.”

Maple thought again of how it would be nice to acquire this item that Sally wanted. It would help cheer her up.


And so Maple once again began the process of sticking the paper sheets on the monsters.


“I’ll need to buy some more… Oh, I think they had exorcism tags in the store as well. Maybe I should buy those too?”

Maple muttered to herself as she burned the faces of the ghosts.











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