Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 184

Defense Specialization and the Search for Shoes 2




Once Maple finished demolishing all of the red ghosts, the materials fell to the ground.


“Hmm…no luck there. Well, I don’t even know if these guys drop it…”

For Maple, this secluded spot made fighting very easy for her. And it would have been the most convenient thing if the shoes that she wanted would also be dropped.


However, as there was not much information available, there was a possibility that she was doing all of this for nothing.


“But I might get something else that Sally had wanted… And I can give the materials to Izu? She’s always doing maintenance work on my gear!”

Furthermore, Maple herself would gain levels.

And since Maple had not concentrated any effort into hunting monsters recently, she thought it would be a good thing to do it once in a while.


Maple continued to sit on her throne and looked around her with the hopes that more of the red ghosts would appear.


“Ah! There! There! I guess there must be a lot of them?”

The red ghosts were now coming towards Maple and attacking her with magic.


“So they have normal magic too.”

The red light that was launched at her hit her in the stomach with a loud crack and then disappeared.


“Okay! I’m fine! I’m fine! Now keep coming closer to me!”

Maple gestured for the red ghosts to come to her. Then she burned them with her items.


“This really is slow… I’ve been killing things really quickly recently, so it’s been a while since I felt like this.”

However, fighting at such a languid pace was also relaxing in a way, and so Maple was able to continue without feeling any stress.


“Destroyed! Oh, here comes the next one.”

Maple smiled and gestured for the next one to come.

The red ghosts were clearly not human, and they repeated their senseless attacks in an effort to defeat Maple, before disappearing.


“Oh, I know. I think I had a poison skill with an instant death effect… Oh, here!”

As the effect did not activate very often, Maple had forgotten about that skill.

It was something she had received after beating all of the poisonous monsters that were inside a jar in the 4th layer.


‘Venom Incantation.’

Adds 20% instant death effect to poison type skills.


“Maybe it would faster…to aim for an instant kill with a weaker skill? I’m running out of items to attack with, anyway. I guess I will try it then! Uhh… ‘Venom Cutter’!”


The blob of poison that she unleashed on the multiple red ghosts coming towards her was weak compared to Hydra. However, that didn’t mean anything if she was able to get the instant kill effect.


“They didn’t die this time… And I’ll need to use MP potions for this one… Oh, fighting by yourself is really hard.”

Maple thought back on all of the things that Sally had gathered for her. And she started to think that a pair of shoes was not exactly enough to repay her.


“I’m going to work hard on this layer for Sally… Yes, that’s good. She’ll be so happy about this present.”

And so maple continued to use poison until she realized something.


“…Hmmm. They won’t die. Is my luck really that bad? Or does it…not work on you guys?”

Maple said as she tried and failed to hit the ribs of the ghost in front of her.

Maple felt that she was right to have a bad feeling about this, and she tried asking the ghosts in a different voice now, but they did not reply.


However, Maple realized that there could be a problem that was much more fundamental.


It was regarding the compatibility of the throne she was sitting on and ‘Venom Incantation.’

Now that she thought about it, the words ‘Venom Incantation’ had an evil ring to it.


“Oh, this probably won’t work then? Oh, no! It won’t activate! …I guess I’ll have to slowly do it with items… Or should I ask someone to help me?”

Maple continued to fight there until she ran out of items. Once she ran out of items, she ran hurriedly away before more ghosts found her, and then she returned to the clearing.


“Syrup, I need to go back now!”

Maple decided that she would come back soon, but for now, she would return to the town.



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