Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 185

Defense Specialization and Anti-monster Supplies



Maple rode Syrup back to town where she landed.


“Phew… There should definitely be some kind of item that will work against ghosts!”

Maple believed that there would be something other than the tags she had bought before, and so decided to take a walk through the town.


“Well, I suppose I should check the store with the tags.”

Maple wanted to start by buying those first, and so she entered the store.


“It should be…here it is!”

Maple walked through the store until she found it.

It was an item that was red sheets of paper with unreadable letters and symbols on it.

She looked at the item name carefully and made sure that it was used for fighting ghosts. And then she bought as many as she could.


“Perhaps I should also sell some materials? I’m running out of money, after all.”

As Maple intended to continue shopping at other stores, she needed to secure some more money by selling her extra materials.


When that was done, she quickly scanned the rest of the store to see if there was anything else she needed, then went out of the building and into the large street.

Both sides were lined with stores that looked like abandoned houses from the outside.


“Which ones sell the good stuff?”

Maple looked from left to right and tried to make a decision. It was right then that she saw a familiar face.


“Ah! Mi!”

Maple waved a hand at her. Mi noticed her and walked towards her.

When she reached Maple, she whispered to her so that only Maple could hear.


“It’s been a while, Maple. How are you? Is the exploration going smoothly?”


“It’s okay, I guess. I’m looking for items that are effective against ghosts right now. My attacks don’t work well on them.”


“Really? In that case, there is a good store here if you go straight and turn on the first corner. I think it was called Salt of Demon Binding? Something like that.”

Maple’s face brightened when Mi told her about this item.


“Thank you! I’ll check it out!”


“Yes. I hope it is useful.”


“I’ll help you again if you want, okay? I promise.”

Mi waved at Maple and continued to walk down the street.

Once Mi was out of sight, Maple walked in the direction of the store that Mi had told her about.



After walking for some time, the store appeared in front of her.

Unlike the others which resembled abandoned houses, this one was a normal store with windows that weren’t broken.


“Umm…Anti-monster Supplies? It’s this place!”

Maple had found the store, and so she went inside.

There was everything, from equipment to items.

Maple went straight to where all of the equipment was displayed.


“There’s a great shield and short sword! Umm… ‘Crushing Evil Greatshield’ and ‘Crushing Evil Short sword.’”

The short sword had an effect where it’s damage was increased against ghost-type monsters.

Similarly, the great shield was able to reduce damage from ghost-type monsters.


“Hmm… But this won’t do.”

Maple returned the equipment to the shelf.

Maple rarely took any damage, to begin with, so the shield was not useful.

Similarly, Maple would not be dealing much damage with a shortsword in the first place so any bonus damage would not make much of a difference.


“I’ll just get the salt for now. That’s what I’ll buy.”

She looked around the store and quickly found the salt.

Maple bought it and also restocked on the items that allowed her to attack with fire and wind.


“I guess that’s it? Hm?”

As Maple went around the store one last time to see if she had missed anything, she saw an item in a corner that she had overlooked before.


“Hmm? A vacuum cleaner?”

The thing in front of her looked like a vacuum cleaner. Maple touched the part that extended out and would suck things in.


Since it was sold in this store and also had the same red letters carved into it, Maple assumed that it must have some kind of effect.


“Hmm. Can I use this? …Ah, not this. This will be just like that weight stone for pickles.”

Maple left the vacuum cleaner where it was.


She left the store and went out into the street.


“It would be nice if it was as easy as sucking them with vacuum cleaner…I wonder if it might work after all?”

While Maple wondered about this, the letters ‘room item’ that were on the user manual, did not disappear.



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