Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 186

Defense Specialization and Exorcism



Maple logged out for the day after restocking her supplies.


And then a few days later, Maple went to the mountain covered in mist.


“Alright, let’s do this!”

Maple went down to the mountain and began searching for the red ghosts.


“Ah, there it is.”

Maple went towards the ghost, and once it noticed her, she took out her throne and sat on it. Then she sealed the ghost’s skills.


“I have proper tags this time, alright? Here you go!”

Maple stuck the paper onto the ghost. Then the red letters started to shine, and the surface of the ghost began to glow white.


As the light enveloped the body of the ghost, its HP began to slowly dwindle. Then it began to unleash a mournful wail.


“Oh, it’s working! Take some of this salt as well!”

Maple sprinkled some salt on it, and it’s HP dropped even further.

It’s HP eventually dropped to 0, and it rose up into the air and disappeared without even showing a damage effect.


“Alright, dispelling complete! Materials… Oh, I didn’t receive much? Oh, no…it seems like I didn’t get any experience points…”

Defeating the ghosts with tags and salt made things go a lot faster, but made it harder in terms of acquiring materials and experience.

Maple was troubled over which was more important to her, but she could not forget just how easy the job was while using the tags and salt.


“It just means that I need to kill a lot of them. And they do drop some items, at least.”

Maple said as she threw salt on the ghosts that approached her and dealt damage to them.


“I’ll just continue like this!”

Maple continued to defeat the ghosts that came to her.

As it did not take much to defeat a single ghost, her stock of items had barely depleted.


Maple spent two hours fighting the ghosts until she finally left the mountain.


“Sally’s gone around hunting monsters many times just to collect items, hasn’t she…? It’s really hard.”

However, this was all for Sally’s sake, so Maple was determined to work hard.


And so she continued to hunt ghosts every day. If this was real life, she would have dispelled every single ghost on the mountain. And it was only when she had done that much, that a pair of shoes dropped down in front of her.



Maple picked up the shoes.

It had reddish black stains all over it and was cool to the touch.

In other words, they looked a lot like the boots that Sally was wearing now.


“The name… ‘Legs of the Dead’? It…it sounds cursed… Are these really safe? But it says that it’s rare, so it must be good.”

Maple inspected the boots carefully, but they did not drip with blood, nor was there a real foot left inside of them.


“Hmm. I guess I can give them to Sally. Let me just check the skills…”


‘A Step towards the Underworld.’

While using this skill, decreases all statuses by 5 points and makes a platform in the air for your feet.

The status reduction lasts for 20 minutes.

The platforms disappear after 10 seconds.


“Hmm? This seems a little different. What to do… Maybe I should just show it to Sally.”

Maple put the shoes into her inventory and decided to kill one last ghost before returning for the day.


“Alright, salt and the tag…huh?”

Just as Maple was preparing to dispell the ghost, she realized that this one was acting differently.

This ghost was emitting a blue glow instead of a red one. Furthermore, it had turned its back to her and was moving away.


Maple squinted her eyes and saw that the blue ghost had stopped a short way into the distance.

It almost seemed as if that swaying light was calling to her.


“I suppose I can go see. Let’s put the throne away. Yes.”

Maple held her shield ready and walked towards the ghost while staying alert.

When she was close to it, the ghost began to move again as if leading her.


“It’s going up the mountain…I better follow it.”

Maple followed the ghost up the mountain until they reached the peak.

The mountain peak was covered in mist, and you could not see further than 1 meter ahead of you.


“Where am I supposed to go? Ah…this…”

Maple’s foot hit against something, and she looked down to see that it was an old cross made of wood that had been stuck in the ground.

She could see that there were also remnants of bundles of flowers around her.


“I-I kicked it! I’m sorry.”

Maple closed her eyes and put her hands together.


As Maple did this, a white hand suddenly shot out of the ground and grabbed her ankle.


“What!? Wait, wait! Get away!”

But the hand continued to pull her, and she felt as if she were suddenly floating. The ground had disappeared from under her.


She felt the sensation of falling unendingly, and she could do nothing but close her eyes tightly.

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