Itai no Wa 194


Defense Specialization and the Mansion

As Maple was walking towards the south even while bone-hands grabbed her feet from underneath the ground, she spotted a huge mansion equivalent to the haunted mansion they had entered before.

“Mmm… I want to explore it but I can’t use ‘atrocity’ indoor… What should I do?”

Although she was hesitated a bit, she decided to enter the mansion at the end.

“Pardon me~. Ohh, spacious…”

A wide entrance expanded in front of her.

And before that was the staircase going up to the 2nd floor and going down underground.

There was worn-out portrait of a man hanging on the front wall.

“Hmm… I wonder from where I should start. Underground? It does feel like there would be something underground.”

Maple went down the staircase to underground without exploring the ground floor.

“I wonder what’s in here~! Uuuuu?!”

And just as Maple was advancing in high spirits, a spear suddenly came thrusting from the side wall, surprising her.

“Wh-what… Whew. That surprised me…”

The spear stopped as soon as it touched Maple’s body and couldn’t go any further.

“Ah. The step here has sunk a bit. Was that a trap?”

Maple twisted a bit to cross that part and continued moving forward.

At the end of the stairs lied a long hallway with numerous doors on both sides.

“Let’s look through all of ‘em. It’s a bit of a pain, though.”

Maple moved forward to enter the door closest to her.

And right that moment, her leg broke a tightly drawn string.

“Mm? Mmm?!”

A thunderous sound reverberated above her head and an unavoidable guillotine’s blade came falling on her.

And the moment it touched Maple’s head, it got smashed to pieces.

“….? ……??”

Maple tried feeling if something happened to her head but there wasn’t even a scratch.

Just a small impact.

There were pieces of the blade scattered on the floor. Maple crouched and gazed at those broken pieces.

“I wonder if they had gotten brittle? Hmm, even still, coming underground might have been a bad move. I will keep getting surprised if these stuff keep popping up…”

Maple tried looking around to check if something else is suddenly going to pop up but she couldn’t spot anything different.

“I guess I will go back upstairs for now… Hmm?”

By the time Maple turned around, there was no staircase there—just an inorganic wall.


Maple thought she could break it and so she tried hitting it with her large shield but ‘Akushoku’ didn’t activate and she wasn’t able to break it.

“…I guess I have no choice! Then, let’s go search again. You never know, the skill I am searching for might be here.”

Saying that, Maple stepped forward carelessly once again.

Just as her right foot stepped on the floor, the floor sank and the walls came closing in.


Although Maple started running right away, since the hallway was very long, she wasn’t able to make and was stuck in between the walls.

“I will get crushed… or not? But I can’t move… Uughh.”

Maple tried forcibly developing weapons and used ‘Hydra’ but the walls were still intact.

Maple was being gently pushed by the walls from both sides for a while but after sometime, the walls started moving back to their original position.

“What do I do? I feel like there’s some kind of a trap everywhere…”

Maple froze in her spot.

Although, there’s no need for Maple to worried about any kind of trap but of course, she is not aware of that.

“A way out…. Mmm…!”

After a while, Maple made a face as if she had just thought of something.


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