Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 196

Defense Specialization and the Mansion 3



“Anyway…while I’m being attacked, it seems fine for now. I think I’ll just watch.”

Maple separated the wool and stuck her head out in order to look at her surroundings.

At the same time, a single sword flew at her.


And while the sword ended up bouncing off of the wool, it stayed in the air and then flew towards her once again.


“What!? So no one is throwing it…”

Maple now understood that there wouldn’t be any openings once the attacker grew tired. And so she tried to search for something she could use.


“Hmm. That fancy armor.”

Maple looked at the fancy armor that had initially caught her attention.

Maple realized that the armor was covered in a pale light and that it was quietly staying there without directly attacking her.

And then she realized that the flying swords and spears had a similar light around them.


“I have to defeat that armor! ‘Deploy all weapons’!”

Black pillars grew out of the wool.

The numerous limb-like extensions all had guns and canons attached to them.


“‘Commence Attack’!”

As Maple’s guns began to fire, the floating sword and spear began to spin at an incredible speed, blocking the bullets.


“Wow…no, uh, ‘Hydra’!”

As if to suggest that she was merely holding back with the previous attack, the Hydra swallowed the sword and charged forward.

It thrust into the fancy armor in the back. The ground turned into a sea of poison as the Hydra bit into the armor.


The floating weapons fell to the ground. Now there was nothing that attacked Maple.


“Oh, the chains came off too. Alright, I don’t need the wool anymore.”

Maple took out the item and set the wool on fire. Then all of the wool that was covering her disappeared.

Maple slowly regained her posture and landed on the ground.


“Oomph. Good! I wonder if there is anything here?”

It was just as Maple was about to take a step forward. The pale light started to overflow from the broken armor and fill the air.


“What is it?”

Maple watched this sight without much caution. After a while, the light took a certain shape and even changed in color.


After the pale light started to fade, what was floating in the air was a young girl.

Her clothes were a bright green that did not match the atmosphere of the mansion. She had long silver hair and green eyes.


The girl looked at Maple and chuckled.

Maple frantically raised her shield. Just then, a hand stretched out from behind her.

Maple spun around, only to see an identical girl there, this time in a red dress.


“You shouldn’t do that. You should throw such a dangerous thing away.”

Maple’s shield and armor came off and started to float in the air. They were enveloped by a thin purple light before disappearing.


“Do you want to play? Little girl.”

Said the girl in green as she rotated in the air. Then the armor that was covered in a pale light got up noisily and floated in the air.


“Want to have fun? Little girl.”

Said the girl in red. Then the floor and walls began to twist and crumble, causing the space they were in to be overwritten with chaos.

Hallways that hadn’t existed now stretched out. Floors, ceilings and doors appeared. The mansion was so far from its original shape now.


“We’ll count to ten first.”

They both said with a laugh. Then they turned into a blue and purple light and disappeared through the walls.


The two of them had not given Maple enough time to react.


“What?! Huh? What!?”

As Maple turned around frantically, she saw that the armor was approaching her.


“Uh, oh, I can’t use Hydra. Uh, not Savagery either… Yes, ‘Deploy all weapons’!”

Maple realized that she could use ‘Machine God’ to pay the cost in advance.

Gears and tubes appeared all over her body as weapons began to grow.




“Ahh. After everything we said. She’s using something dangerous.”


“She is.”

The voices echoed in the room just as she was starting to feel relieved.

And with that, a blue and purple light surrounded Maple, and her weapons shattered and disappeared.


“Bad children…”

“Should be punished!”

As these voices rang, spears and swords covered in blue light began to appear from the floor and ceiling.



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