Itai no Wa 197


Defense Specialization and the Mansion 4


And so, the swords were flying and towards Maple at high speed.






Maple managed to cover her face from the swords with her arm.



“Ugh… Great, I’m all right.”



One after another, Maple repelled all the swords and spears back at the armor with her bare flesh.

She had blocked all of the attacks with her body, and she didn’t receive any damage.



“Which was the skill that I could use…? ‘Throne of the Heavenly King’?”



As Maple said those words, a white throne appeared behind her.

Maple sat down and she waited for a little while thinking about how long the throne would take to disappear, but she still could not hear the girls’ voices.



“I see… So, this wasn’t dangerous. Don’t I have a skill that can deal damage?”



Maple thought that ‘Pandemonium I’ was going to be useless and didn’t even try using it.

For Maple, who had lost all means of attack, it was the only thing that she could rely on.



Maple started to walk while she fending off the swords, with a faint hope that she could use that in a boss fight instead.



“Ugh… There are too many doors. I’m going to teach that armor a lesson…“



Despite being attacked by that armor’s more than ten swords from all directions, she finally reached the door that appeared on the wall.



“Yes! I did it!”



As soon as Maple opened the door, she immediately closed it and held it tight with both hands.



However, it wasn’t the fearful armor she was chasing before, so she sat down for a moment and calmed herself down.



“Whew… well, what should I do? I still have one set of equipment but I don’t want to use it yet.”



Even without her armor, which increases her HP and defense, Maple still had more endurance than she needed.



An attack that could penetrate Maple’s four-digit defense, would usually kill any other player instantly.



But there’s nothing around that can manage to do that.



For that reason, Maple didn’t really have to worry about being attacked.



“All right! I’ll get it back for sure!”



Maple started walking through the corridor feeling enthusiastic.

Since she didn’t know where her objective was, she couldn’t just pass through the room this time around.



She had to open all the doors she could find.

Even though she knew most of them could contain traps.



“Ah… Excuse me!”



She took a deep breath and entered the room, shrugging as she checked the area.



When she entered the room, she could see a table about five meters long surrounded by beautiful chairs, with a candlestick on top of it.

There’s a painting of a landscape hanging from the distorted wall.



“Let me see… Well, the wall seems a little unstable but there’s nothing special here.”



Maple investigated under the table and behind the painting, but it wasn’t any different from her first impression, and she couldn’t find anything.



“Ok, it looks all right… oh.”



When she finished checking the painting in the middle and turned around, the table, the candlestick and the paintings were covered in a blue light.



“Hey! Wait…!”



But it didn’t turn out the way she wanted, and the chairs went flying towards Maple and hit her body.



”I was fine even with the swords… But this…! There are so many!”



After the chairs had crashed against Maple’s body with a loud crash, they started piling up, so Maple tried to somehow climb over the remaining pile of chairs and paintings.



But apart from that, at the top of the mountain of chairs and paintings, the lit candlestick burned brightly.






Before she could escape, she was caught within terribly strong flames that burst all around her.



The fire created by the great number of chair legs and the paintings became a pillar of fire way taller than Maple.



And then, after everything had burned out and turned to ashes, Maple was standing there as if nothing happened.



“Phew… I wasn’t not wearing any armor, so I’m glad that my clothes didn’t burn out…”



Maple quickly wiped her clothes to remove the soot and walked outside the room.

As she was leaving, she glared firmly at the candlestick which had returned to the table.



“… You’re such a bad boy, aren’t you?”



She said that with an offended expression on her face. Then she took out some glue from her inventory and smeared it under the candlestick, fixing it back to its original location.



Maple was thinking that the strong glue she got as a drop from a monster would perfectly bind the candlestick to the desk.



“That’s right, that’s what you deserve!”



She opened the door with way more energy than when she first came in, and left the room.



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