Itai no Wa 202



Defense Specialization and Poltergeist 2


Noticing that Chrome and Kasumi are approaching, Maple stops the lasers and waves at the two.


“I’ve never seen such equipment, Maple.”


Says Chrome as she approaches Maple.


“That’s right! What do you think about this?”


Maple stands on top of Syrup and turns around on the spot.

Then she delightfully begins to speak, not necessarily starting by the fact that her equipment is the same color as Syrup, or that she had learned to use her new skill.


“That skill that you mention… is that it?”


Kasumi points at the four lasers that extend towards the sky.


“Yeah! It’s a bit difficult to explain, but… Ahh!?”


Maple tries to find words to explain, but at that moment all the lasers are released into the sky with a thunderous sound.

Five minutes have passed since the skill was activated, so the effect had worn off, and the lasers were no longer under her control.


“Ah… I have to make sure to remember that.”


“You seem to have become more reliable.”


“What about changing equipment, Maple? You have two sets that you can use now.”


As Kasumi asks her that question, Maple laughs cheerfully, as if she had already found the answer.


“Syrup, wait here for a moment.”


Maple gets off Syrup and begins to walk slowly.

Kasumi tries to say something to Maple, but at that very moment, the number of weapons coming out of Maple’s back doubles.


They have seen that many times before, but then Maple jumps into the sky. Leaving an explosion behind, Maple disappears into the sky. Neither Chrome nor Kasumi can see what she’s doing that high up in the sky.


“Hey! What are you doing?”


“I don’t think she can hear us…”


As Chrome and Kasumi look at each other, the explosion is followed by a rising cloud of dust.






As the dust swirls about, Maple appears slowly standing up, wearing her usual black armor.

Maple’s reasoning is that if there’s no time to change her equipment while on the ground, all she needs to do is temporarily escape somewhere where she can do it easily.


It’s safe to say that there is nothing that can fly and launch an attack that can defeat Maple that far in the sky.

Even if she takes off all of her equipment for a moment, if nothing can hit her during that time, she should be all right.


Wiping off the dust on her, Maple nods with confidence.


“I can do this during battle, too!”


“I see. I think it could prove to be useful.”


“I think so too.”


“Now… I have to go see Sally!”


While her reasons are partly because they have to discuss about their preparations, she also wants to show Sally her new equipment.

Maple returns Syrup to her ring, says goodbye to Chrome and Kasumi, and heads for the 5th layer.


After seeing Maple off, Kasumi whispers to herself.


“Well, as long as you are reliable as an ally.”


“That’s right. Well, lasers are not as powerful as that ‘Hydra’… they’re about half as strong, I’d say.”


At first, the two of them seem worried about the skill that Maple was talking about, but since all of Maple’s projectiles are extremely dangerous, they end up feeling reassured, since anyone that tries to attack her is going to have a hard time.


Maple arrives at the 5th layer, and sends a message to Sally just like she said she would.


“Oh, so you’re at the Guild Home? Got it!”


Maple heads cheerfully towards the Guild Home. When she opens the door, Sally greets her with a slightly surprised expression.


“Oh, I see. That’s what you wanted to show me, Maple.”


Sally quickly realizes why Maple told her that she wanted to come see her so quickly.


“That’s right! So, how do I look?”


“It’s good. You usually always wearing that armor… It feels quite fresh. With that diadem on, you almost look like a princess.”


“Ahaha, but the royal life doesn’t suit me.”


“Hmm, true. You’re the type of person that would be a nuisance to council members”


“Huh? Is that so?”


They ramble on about many unimportant things before Maple, as if just remembering about it, begins to talk about her equipment’s ability.


“I can see myself using this equipment.”


Sally nods as Maple finishes her explanation about the equipment’s ability.


“It’s very good. I might go explore the 6th layer too…”




Maple vividly recalls a rather recent memory for a brief moment.

Then, she stares deeply at Sally.


“Well, what gives. That might be better… Umm… well…”


Sally turns away from Maple as she speaks, but since she expects what’s going to happen if she keeps speaking, she gives up on trying to do things that she cannot do.


“Never mind, let’s do our best on the 7th layer.”


“Oh yeah, I can’t wait to go to the 7th layer!”


But the two of them still need to wait before going on an expedition.

So, they spend some time talking about their experiences on the other layers.

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