Itai no Wa 203



Defense Specialization and the 7th event


Although several days have passed since Maple explored the mansion full of traps, she still hasn’t been able to obtain the Skills ‘Iron Body’ and ‘Heavy body’ that she wanted.

Maple sits in the Guild Home, swinging her legs while thinking about that.


“Hmm, I wonder where I can find them. I think they should be somewhere, but could it be that it’s only for a limited time?”


Maple is deeply submerged in those thoughts when the sound notification of a message interrupted her.


“Oh, it’s about the next event. It’s a dungeon capture type.”


Maple reads the information.


The event is a tower capture for the small minority of players that manage to go through ten floors. Medals will be awarded in proportion to the difficulty selected.

As there is no time limit, it is recommended to take longer to clear in order to advance to the next level.


“I wonder if everybody is going to participate, even though it’s the hardest event yet… If you go alone, you can get better rewards.”


At the hardest level, if you clear it with other players, you get five medals per person. Whereas if you clear it solo, you receive ten.


“And this time I won’t have to fight any other players… That’s right. Sounds great!”


Like this, Maple can have fun by herself as she pleases.

This event will start in the beginning of April.

Looking at the starting date, Maple suddenly realizes something.


“It’s been a whole year already… It’s unusual that I’m having so much fun. I’m looking forward to the next event!”


Maple is filled with memories, thinking about all the fun things she’s been doing

There are memories that make her smile just by remembering, and only a few memories about vivid struggles.

Maple gets lost in her thoughts, but she gradually goes back to concentrate in her search.


“Alright! Let’s get a new skill before the next event!”


Maple jumps off her chair with a completely different attitude and leaves for the 6th layer.

And like that, Maple leaves the Guild Home, but nothing has particularly changed. Maple still doesn’t know where to find the skills she’s looking for.


“What should I do?… That’s right! I haven’t checked the bulletin boards in a while, I should start looking for info there.”


Maple comes up with a good idea and starts walking towards the center of the town.

She slips through the crowd of players in order to check the bulletin boards. She finds the information about the two skills she’s looking for so quickly that it almost made no sense how lost she had been until then.


“I see, I finally found it. Let’s see…”


Maple quickly reads the information.

And so, as she finishes reading, her face goes pale.


To begin with, both ‘Iron Body’ and ‘Heavy Body’ were skills that required MP and STR besides VIT.


‘Iron Body’

Doubles damage received by Fire and Electric elements.

Reduces non-magic damage by 30%.

MP cost: 50.

The effect lasts for 2 minutes.

Cooldown is 5 minutes.


Required stats to learn: 50 MP and 80 VIT.


‘Heavy Body’

Provides immunity to knockbacks.

Completely restricts movement if STR is lower than VIT.

MP cost: 10.

The effect lasts for 1 minute.

Cooldown is 3 minutes.


Regarding the first one, not only Maple can’t learn it, but its effect is also weak.

Increasing her MP stat instead of something that lets her take almost no damage is something Maple can’t allow herself to do.


With the second one, not being able to move is quite a problem.


“I found where I can get them! Alright, I’ll make a memo. Just in case I can learn them. Still…”


Even if she gets ‘Heavy Body’, it’s not so useful for her.

Maple leaves the bulletin board and while thinking about what to do with her skills, she starts walking towards the main street.


“It doesn’t cost me anything to get them, and I’ve also done a lot of research! I’ll get ‘Heavy Body’ just in case and then I’ll see.


Maple sends several messages, and then heads out to the field in order to get ‘Heavy Body’.


She doesn’t have to kill any monsters in the surroundings, as she has learned the exact information about how to obtain it.

After a little while, Maple obtains the skill without any problems.



While Maple was leveling up a bit and wearing down her black armor, some time passes.

Maple, who logs in day in and day out, opens the Guild Home’s door.

The door she opened with vigor was the one leading towards the 5th layer.


And then, behind that door, there was Sally.


Sally, being a little surprised to see Maple going through the door with such energy, begins to talk.


“Ah, Maple. The event starts today. What will you do? Solo or with eight people?”


Sally believes she’d do it alone, as there’s no one behind Maple.


“Neither solo nor with eight!”




“I’ll go with you this time!”


Maple had sent her a message before.

She wrote that she’d like to participate with Sally if it was possible.

There’s no member in ‘Maple Tree’ that wouldn’t go on an expedition with Sally.


“It’s been a while since we played together, hasn’t it?”


Maple said that, and Sally, who was inexpressive, immediately smiled.


“Sounds good! So, what is your objective?”


“Of course, no damage!”


“I have trained my evasion a lot during the 5th layer, so I’m not weak.”


“I’m perfectly prepared to protect you!”


With that, they immediately head towards the tower where the event is taking place.

And so, they gracefully pick up their pace.

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