Itai no Wa 220

Defense Specialization and a Confirmation of Current Conditions


The following  happened while Maple and Sally were completing the 3rd floor. It’s a conversation from a place unknown to them.


342 Name: Nameless Greatsword User

How far up the tower has everyone been?


343 Name: Nameless Greatshield User

I took my time for a change so I’m about to beat the 2nd floor

Plus, Maple wasn’t with me like last time


344 Name: Nameless Magic User

I defeated the 4th floor boss just a little back


345 Name:Nameless Spear User

I’m part way through the 4th myself

Wait, so Maple isn’t around?


Well, even without her, you seem like you’ll be able to work through it


346 Name: Nameless Greatsword User

Yeah, but she’s like an ultimate weapon or something

Always demonstrating her ability

It’s like, for Maple, Bosses aren’t even a challenge.


347 Name: Nameless Greatshield User

Yeah, with the two of them, I bet Maple and Sally can complete even the most challenging areas,


without trouble.


348 Name:  Nameless Bow User

Usually, I don’t think it’s so easy for them to win that it’s “without trouble”.


Usually, at least.


349 Name: Nameless Spear User

Both their specs have grown rapidly though.

I mean, I saw Sally gliding through the air like nothing. She’s starting to show a solid mastery of air.



350 Name: Nameless Greatsword User

You could feel the murderous intent from above on the 3rd floor.


Speaking of, it felt like the intent was aimed directly at Maple!


351 Name: Nameless Greatshield User

I didn’t see anything other than the posted info. What’s the 3rd floor really like?


352 Name: Nameless Spear User

The only bad thing that can happen in the first half is you can slip.

In the second half, these defense piercing icicles come falling all over the whole area

but the icicles are slow so you can dodge them.


Aside from that, you’re also afflicted with a status down effect when you take damage.


353 Name: Nameless Bow User

Yeah, completing the 3rd floor is easy if you can dodge like me

Plus, I used the lava freezing ice item you get halfway through to speed things up.


354 Name: Nameless Magic User

That item….. I used it too, didn’t I?

If you don’t use it, I heard you can get a skill but,


I ended up going through as fast as possible..


355 Name: Nameless Spear User

There must be other things like that elsewhere too

We can only guess about it though


356 Name: Nameless Greatshield User

So like if you don’t use the bombs on the first floor?

We might have been able to use a greathammer instead,

cause it’s base attack destroys protective walls.


357 Name: Nameless Greatsword User

You can break walls without any skills!?


358 Name: Nameless Greatshield User

Yeah, it’s something I learned from Maple.


359 Name: Nameless Magic User

I wanna take classes from her.


360 Name: Nameless Spear User

Still, it seems Maple used the bombs,

and I’m not sure if there was anything on the 2nd floor so that just leaves the skill from the 3rd floor .


It’s likely to be an ice or fire attack.


361 Name: Nameless Greatsword User

Can’t we already breathe fire, though?!


362 Name: Nameless Bow User

Well, the skill would use lava or ice actually

Since we can already breathe fire, it wouldn’t be a surprise if we could do the same with lava.


363 Name: Nameless Magic User

That’s silly

I mean, there’s no way players can breathe something like ice or lava

It’ll have us fire it from a weapon or something..


364 Name: Nameless Greatsword User

Even I was surprised when I breathe fire like it was nothing


365 Name: Nameless Greatshield User

In Maple’s case, she’d probably look like a monster when spitting out fire.


366 Name: Nameless Magic User

Hey, don’t treat her like she’s not a player.


367 Name: Nameless Greatshield User

So the two of them are still climbing the tower then?

I’ll have to try hard to catch up using my shield.


368 Name: Nameless Spear User

Even without Maple, you’re strong after all.

So strong,  you’ll be able to go from the bottom boss all the way to the last one.


369 Name: Nameless Magic User

Although, I think the 4th floor will be more difficult than the 3rd one for Maple.


370 Name: Nameless Spear User

Yeah, that’s probably true.


371 Name: Nameless Greatshield User

Really? Was it tough?

I’m about to go try it out


During this conversation, Maple and Sally were making their way to the 4th floor.


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