Itai no Wa 221

Defense Specialization and the Tower’s 4th Floor


After checking the new skill, the pair headed towards the 4th floor full of energy.


“Uh, you’re going like that Maple?”


“Well, ending ‘Outrage’ is such a waste so…”

A monstrous looking Maple followed behind Sally as she walked.

Continuing to chat, they made their way to the back of the boss room and went up the stairs.


“Oh, right! I have to set the new skill on my greatshield.”


Oh that….. Um, ‘Great Eruption’ was it? The MP cost and restricted movement make it a bit difficult to use.”


‘Great Eruption’


Cost: 50 MP. Takes 3 seconds to cast. Can be used again after 3 minutes. Fires high powered lava. One minute after hitting, creates a damage field that nullifies earth based defense.


“For you though Maple, I’m sure you can handle staying in one place while using it. Plus, if we use the damage field smartly, we might be able to fight bosses with really high defense.”


Yeah! Though, I’ll have to be careful not to step in any of the lava…”


“Haha, be extra careful when the lava first goes flying, kay?”

While laughing, Sally remembered something important and turned around to face Maple.


“…..Um, Maple. Just a thought, but maybe it’s better if you don’t set the skill yet?”


“Oh yeah?”


“We get a medal once we reach the top of this tower, so I think it’d be better to look at equipping the skill then.”

Upon reaching the top of the tower, they’ll have 10 silver medals. At that time, their may be something more powerful than the lava skill worth saving their MP for.

Since Maple’s equipment skills can’t be changed once added, rushing to equip new skills isn’t always wise.


“You have enough attack power, right?”


“My attack and defense are both perfect!”


“So, let’s put aside  the skill  for now and head to the next area. Come on, I can see the light from the next floor.” At the top of the dimly lit staircase, crashing water and a sprawling forest came into view.

The staircase to the 4th floor ended behind a waterfall connecting to a vast flowing river. It was a small cave in the side of a vast cliff


Glimpsing between the waterfall and the cave wall, the sky could be seen shining endlessly upwards, despite the pair technically being inside a tower. Something resembling the ocean was also visible in the distance.


“Wow! It’s so huge!”


“Right? Well, to start…. Shall we climb down from this cliff?”

Footing connected the cave to the base of the cliff

However, the footing was human size only, so Maple was too big to use it in her current state.


“Maybe you’d be okay just jumping down Maple?”


“Yeah, it shouldn’t be a problem from this height.”

While Sally made her way down the cliff, Maple jumped out through the waterfall, landing with a loud slap at its basin in the river.


“It’s pretty deep! It’d be bad if I couldn’t swim in this form!”


“Hmm, it doesn’t look like we can enter the forest anywhere with how dense those trees are… So I guess we have no choice but to head down this river for now. Should we ride on Syrup? It’d be bad if something happened while we were riding down the river though…..”


“I’d have to end ‘outrage’ though… That okay?”


“Oh right. Then never mind, let’s keep going as is!”

Sally decided it was important to prioritize their attack power.

Although the 3rd floor ceiling was dangerous with its falling icicles, the floor they were entering had an open sky, so there was no telling what kind of danger it would bring.


“Okay! Ah, hey Sally, wanna ride on my back? Cause there seems to be monsters in the water…”


“Oh, really?”


“I’m getting bitten like crazy”

Saying this, Maple raised one of her six legs out of the water. Countless fish wiggled around. Their teeth sunk into the leg.


“I’ll let you give me a ride then. Guarding against them in the water would be tough after all.”



“Fuhuhu, let’s head on downstream!”

With Sally on her back, Maple began heading carefully downstream on all six legs.







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