Itai no wa iya 231

Defense Specialization and the Tower’s 5th Floor 4



The six of them continued on after that. And they soon arrived in front of the boss area without any trouble.


“Apparently, there are no monsters in this area.”


“Then we should prepare. Kasumi and I will keep our guard up as we wait.”


“Yeah, that’s a good idea.”

While Chrome and Kasumi watched behind them, Kanade and Izu cast buffs on May and Yui.


“This and this and also, drink this.”





Drinking numerous potions and pills, and getting buffs from Kanade was a ritual they performed before every boss fight.

Once they were done, there were auras of various colors shining around them.


“We’re ready when you are!”

“We’re ready when you are!”


“Alright, then let’s go. I’ll take the lead.”

The two raised their glimmering great hammers. That was the signal for all six of them to charge into the boss area.

Just like the previous area, it was a wasteland that was covered in a thick mist. As there were no notable obstructions, it meant that they would have to face the boss head-on.

It was then that the boss detected them and stepped forward. It was a headless knight.


Blue flames erupted over the stump of its neck. It wore rusted armor and held a large sword as it rode on its zombie horse.

The horse neighed loudly and then charged forward.


“Let’s go, sister!”




“I’ll make an opening for you! Hahhh!”

Chrome used his great shield to block the boss’s sword and make an opening.

And as the boss got closer, the four great hammers that glimmered as brightly as its fire-head came crashing mercilessly down.


“Double Strike!”

“Double Strike!”

There was a thunderous echo of the armor being hit, and the HP bar diminished dramatically. The boss swung its sword again, but Chrome easily blocked it.


“Here goes the new item…!”

Izu jumped out and placed the item on the ground near the horse. It immediately exploded loudly and then a bolt of lightning hit the ground.


This item was able to stop the boss’s movements for several seconds. And the effect of that was massive for Maple Tree.


“Yui! One more time!”



It was Kasumi’s job to help whenever Chrome wasn’t able to make it in time, but that was not necessary here. Because the boss was beaten to a pulp by the pair until it exploded into nothing.


“Phew… It’s like a different game. Though, not quite in the same way as Maple.”

Kasumi said. She hadn’t really had anything to do, but Yui and Mai were very happy to have been of use.


“I know.”

Agreed Chrome. All he had done was block two attacks.


“Well, protecting them is important. If they won easily, that means we did our jobs right.”

As Chrome and Kasumi were strong against swarms of enemies, they usually did most of their work while on the move. On the other hand, Mai and Yui were practically specialized for boss fights.


“I’m going to make the items I had to use, so give me a minute.”

Izu opened up her workshop and remade the important buff items, MP potions, and bombs.

As she could create items from gold and use the workshop in any place, they never had to return due to a lack of items.

Before battle, during battle, and after battle. Wherever you looked, they were distinct from other guilds.


And like that, they continued onward in order to trample over the boss on the next floor.


“I hope Maple is making steady progress.”


“Of course, she is. In the first place, I don’t want to go up against something that was able to stop Maple.”


“That’s true…”



Shortly after the six of them left the easy 5th floor boss behind them, Maple could be seen fighting it herself.

She had activated Savagery and had turned into a monster. She was now biting the zombie horse and trying to tear it apart.

The boss area was filled with pale flames and overflowing with zombies. The knight on top of the horse was swinging two swords.


The scene felt like hell itself. However, Sally was nowhere to be seen.


Maple kicked, rammed and crushed the zombies as she opened a path through them.

Her HP had not gone down at all. But the boss was slowly approaching its death.


“Alright! Now, it’s done!”

She trampled over it from the front one last time. And with that, Maple achieved victory before it was able to change its movement patterns.


“Uhhh…the way to the sixth layer is…over there!”

Maple stomped towards the teleportation circle and moved on top of it. The 5th floor soon disappeared, and she came out into a place that was surrounded by rough walls like a cave.


“Alright…it should be fine now. You can come out, Sally!”

Maple said as she opened her mouth. There was a wet splat as Sally rolled out.


“Ugghhh…I think I might be sick…”

Sally was quite dizzy and had to lie down on the ground.

Yes, Sally had been in Maple’s mouth this whole time. And Maple had been running around very quickly.

Maple returned to human form and then approached Sally with a smug expression.


“But, at least you didn’t have to look at anything, right?”


“I suppose. Yes, that was good.”

Sally saw Maple’s expression and laughed a little as she picked herself up.


In other words, if she couldn’t be protected while staying close to Maple, she needed to get closer. And so she was put away inside of Maple’s body.


“Though, it wasn’t the prettiest sight either… I guess that’s what it feels like to be eaten.”


“Ah, right. I was eaten once too! I was so surprised…”


“In any case, now I can fight again…I think. The 6th floor is fine, isn’t it?”

Sally looked worried as she gazed at the cave that stretched out in front of them.

And then a golem with a body that shone like a diamond suddenly appeared.


“Yes…it’s just a normal monster…”


“Hehe. Now you can make up for the 5th floor!”


“Leave it to me! I’ll do enough that you can take a break, Maple!”

And like that, Maple and the reinvigorated Sally moved to conquer the 6th floor.



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