Itai no wa iya 232

Defense Specialization and the Tower’s 6th Floor



After killing the monster in front of them, the pair picked up the materials and sighed.


“Uhh…the defense…”


“Hahh…it was so tough…”

The cave monster that had come out was a golem with a diamond body. And none of Maple’s attacks had any effect on it. The only way they could defeat it was to use Sally’s defense piercing skill.

However, it was also not able to do anything about Maple’s defenses through Dedicated Affection.


“Well, it couldn’t get through your defenses. So we won’t lose at least. But I think we better ignore those guys.”

It would take too much time to fight them. Even if the materials were valuable, gathering them was far from efficient, and so they had no reason to fight them.


“I hope the boss isn’t like that.”


“If it is, I’ll take care of it. After all, I promised to make up for the 5th floor.”


“Yes. Leave the defenses to me!”

They continued on until the path split into two.

And then, as if they were waiting for their arrival, humanoid monsters that were made of shining ore stepped forward from one of them.

There were three of them. They held spears and shields as they marched forward.


“We might be able to go around them…what do you think?”


“Let’s avoid them! Avoid! I bet they have strong defense ability!!”

And so Maple pushed Sally towards the path to the side.


“I don’t think you’re fast enough to escape them…but at least they don’t seem to be chasing us.”


“What a relief. That’s good.”


“Let’s see how far we can go then. Of course, while avoiding combat.”


“Okay! I hope there won’t be too many monsters…”

However, Maple’s wish did not come true. Every time they hit a fork in the road, there would always be monsters in one direction.


“Do you think the one with the monsters is the right one? Hmm. I don’t know.”


“What should we do? Should we try fighting just once and go in that direction?”


“Don’t worry, it’s all on the map. Besides, we’ll probably get lost no matter which way we go. We should just keep going until we hit a dead end. Then we can go back.”


“Oh, okay!”

They chose to take the route that avoided combat. After continuing for some time, they reached a large room.


“It doesn’t seem…like a boss room?”


“I don’t think it is. There’s another tunnel in the back. Still, I think something might come out, so be careful.”


“Yes. Stay behind me, Sally.”

And then, just as Maple took one step into the room, there was a cracking sound, and then a wall that was made of the same ore as the monsters came down and blocked their path.

At the same time, the same ore started popping out of the ground all over the room. They were giving birth to numerous monsters all at once.


“Woah! Monster house!”


“What? What!?”


“This isn’t good! We have to fight them one at a time…!”

Some of the monsters they had never seen before. Sally was worried about piercing attacks, and so she pulled the hesitant Maple by the hand and they retreated into a small part of the path that was left.


“Uh, it’s better if the attacks don’t reach us!”


“That’s preferable, but…”

And then Maple suddenly had an idea. Sheep wool suddenly started to grow from her body. It filled up the little alcove they were in, just like a wall.

Then Maple stuck her head out in order to talk to Sally, who was between the sheep wall and the ore wall.


“They’re really poking me back there, but I’m fine!”


“Phew… Okay. Then things might be easy. I’m going inside now, Maple. It will take a while, but I’ll deal with them one at a time.”


“By all means. Have a good time!”


“Yes-yes. Excuse me.”

Sally said as she pushed her way into the wool. Then she poked her head out of the other side and began to defeat the monsters she had never seen before.

Once you were rid of the possibility of piercing attacks, there was nothing to be afraid of.


“It won’t get burned unless you’re against humans. This really is strong.”


“It’s my fluffy iron wall guard!”


“That’s…not a contradiction, huh.”

They talked together while defeating the enemies. It was one of those unique battles that only occurred when you were with Maple.



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