Itai no wa iya 234

Defense Specialization and the Tower’s 6th Floor 3



Some time had now passed since they completed the first monster house, and Sally now looked very tired as she rested limply on top of the ball of wool.


“I don’t want to go in any more big rooms…”


“Yes… There are too many monsters…”

Every time they entered a large room in order to advance, the passages would be blocked and the room would overflow with monsters.

As all of the monsters came head-on with physical attacks, neither of them were close to losing. However, the enemies had such high defense ability that it was taking Maple and Sally a long time to deal with them.


“But I’m not getting attacked at all, because of you, Sally! Thank you!”


“Hehe. I’m glad to hear it.”

And so Sally pressed on and pushed her head out of the wool.


“I hope the boss is not going to be like this too…”


“Ugh… I hope its a weak boss.”

In any case, it was also clear that there were no monsters in the tunnels that could defeat them. And while it took a while, they eventually reached the boss room.


“What do you think, Sally? Should we go right in?”

Maple stuck her head out of the wool and asked Sally.


“There’s a good possibility that your attacks won’t be effective. And we’ll be in trouble if the weaker monsters show up as well, if we go in like this.”

And so they brought Syrup and Oboro into their plan and made sure they had their items before finally charging into the boss room.


“Okay! Let’s go in then!”

They opened the door and went inside. There was a large, dome-shaped room, and inside stood a man of about 170 centimeters who held a large staff and wore a hat and coat like a magician. As soon as he saw them enter, he tapped his staff onto the floor, summoning crystal-covered monsters from the ground.


“Woah! Here they come, Sally!”


“Maple, let’s watch from above, just like we planned!”


“Okay. Syrup, ‘Huge’! ‘Psychokinesis’!”

Maple had Syrup float up in the air. While Sally was still inside the ball of wool, she used Web User to connect it to Syrup’s stomach.

By using Maple’s aerial escape methods, a giant ball of wool that was attached to a turtle was now flying in a circle near the dome’s ceiling.

And then they looked down to see what was happening.


“Woah…there are more than I thought there would be.”


“Oomph! Agh, that’s crazy…”

The ground was overflowing with soldiers that were covered in crystal armor. Even as they watched, the magician boss was summoning more and more of them.


“The boss itself seems to have low defense and HP…”


“It’s my turn then! Oops, better be careful about getting the poison on me… ‘Hydra’!”

Maple thrust out her arm that was holding the short sword. The boss’s eyes turned towards the torrent of poison coming towards him, and he brought up a barrier.

While the poison broke through the barrier, it still took a second to do so, and the boss was able to escape.

Maple tried it again a few times, but the results were the same.


“Uhh… What should we do, Sally? I can’t hit him.”


“But at least we know one thing. He doesn’t move that much and he is slow. I think I might be able to hit him if I tried.”


“Oh! Good!”


“First of all, we need to make him stop summoning them… Then I suppose we’ll have to go back and forth. I hope we can deal a lot of damage…”

Maple looked at Sally, who was deep in thought, and she too tried to think of something.

Maple must have thought of something quickly, because she then looked at Sally with a look that suggested she had an idea.


“…Did you think of a brilliant plan?”


“I think it is!”

And so Maple whispered it into Sally’s ear.

Sally’s eyes widened with surprise, but then she nodded and said that it was worth trying out.


“Okay. Leave preparations for the retreat to me.”


“Thank you, Sally! I knew I could count on you!”


“Besides, I want to see how practical it is.”


“Good. Then let’s do it!”

And so Maple had Syrup move until it was right above the boss. Then Sally disconnected the web from Syrup.

The boss tried to move away from the ball of wool that dropped straight down towards it, but Sally shot webs towards the ground to adjust their trajectory. And just as they landed right next to the boss, Maple activated her skill.


“‘Frozen Earth’!”

There were sounds of cracking as the area around them started to freeze. Both the boss and the soldiers stopped moving.

And so Sally shot out her webs again so that the ball of wool shot out towards the boss.


“Sally! Help!”


“Oomph. Okay!”

Maple and Sally spread the wool apart and stretched out their hands. Then they pulled the now immobile boss’s torso into the wool.



With the boss’s torso still inside, the surface of the wool hardened, so that its body was now trapped inside the ball of wool.

While they could hear the clanking of attacks coming from the outside, none of them reached Sally or Maple.


“Hehehe. It worked! Welcome!”


“Thanks. I don’t know what will happen… So, 1 minute then.”

Sally and Maple met inside of the wool. They quickly went into their inventories and took out the items.

It was the bombs that Izu had made.

Then they buried them inside of the wool. These were items that prioritized lethality instead of a wide area of effect.

“Oh, Sally. I think it will be loud, so here are some earplugs.”


“Thank you. I guess it’s almost time then.”


“Yes. All-out attack!”

Sally was the only one that was being protected by ‘Dedicated Affection.’ With Maple’s voice as the ignition, the boss area was filled with an explosive sound that shook the ground, just as pillars of fire and damage effects burst into the air.

Fire, lasers, bullets, ice, wind blades, rocks. Everything was flying out of the ball of wool.


Of course, the wool was also burned up. But at the same time, the boss was turned into ash and disappeared.

And when the boss disappeared, so did the soldiers it had summoned.


“It did seem to have low defense ability…”


“But Izu’s items sure were strong.”


“Well, yeah… If you’re hit by that many items at once…right? I almost feel sorry for it.”


“It’s survival of the fittest in this world! And we won the day.”

Luckily for the other bosses, Maple could only use ‘Hair Growth’ once a day. And so the next boss would not have to be subjected to this attack that resembled self-destruction.


“Should we go to the next one then?”


“Of course!”

And so they talked about getting through the next area quickly as they headed towards the 7th floor.



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