Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 253

Defense Specialization and Alone Together



They returned to the guild home and headed for the workshop. Izu was there and spinning several tools at full speed as she created something.

Since she looked to be so busy, they weren’t sure if they should talk to her. But Izu must have completed her work, because she stretched her arms and was just about to walk out of the workshop when she noticed the three of them standing there.


“Ah, you’re here. I’m so sorry that I didn’t notice… I have so much to do.”


“Uh, are you making a new item?”


“That’s right, Mai! A lot of new equipment and items have been added on the 7th floor. Items to tame monsters or raise the encounter rate of rare monsters… A lot of it can’t be bought in stores. It’s fun, but also a lot of work.”

Izu then told them confidently that it won’t be too long until she would be able to give them the items and equipment.


“I see. We just come here to ask if you had an item we can use!”

Maple said as she explained the situation. And so Izu took our some items and equipment.

There was a drink that temporarily raised your AGI and an item that you threw at monsters to lower their AGI. She also offered various solutions for them. Of course, everything Izu made was very effective and was guaranteed to make up for Yui and Mai’s slowness.


“For now, wear these if you want to raise your AGI. No one in our guild ever changes their equipment… But it’s important to make adjustments based on the situation.”


“Thank you!”

“Thank you!”

Mai and Yui put them on immediately. And then they walked around the workshop so they could get used to moving faster.


“Oh, this is good!”


“However, while you are faster now, I still don’t think you meet the standards of the 7th floor. Let me know if it’s not enough, and I’ll prepare something else.”

Mai and Yui thanked Izu again. They were quite excited and said they were sure to catch it next time. Of course, just catching up probably wasn’t enough to tame it. So they would have to try it as many times as possible.


“I hope to hear some good news soon.”


“We’ll gather materials for you as well! There’s a lot of new stuff out there!”

Maple promised. And then the three of them left the workshop. She was just about to message Sally and ask for her help, when Sally walked into the guild home.


“Ah, Sally! Perfect timing!”


“Hmm? What is it?”


“Uh, the thing is…”

Maple told Sally about what had happened in the forest. Sally nodded with a look of interest.


“I didn’t see anything about it on the information message board, so it might be rare. It will be hard finding it again…but I hope you do.”


“Right! So, we want you to help us so we can catch up to it…”

Maple said, but Sally shook her head. She told them that she had to study for an upcoming test. So she was going to logout.


“Don’t you have to prepare too, Maple?”

“Uhhh…that’s true. But we’re so close…”

Maple remembered the test and scratched her head. It was now harder to help Mai and Yui. And so she started to wonder what she should do.


“It’s okay! We have the items from Izu, after all!”


“Yes… You’ve helped us enough already.”

They said. And so Maple stopped thinking and nodded.


“Oh, okay! Well, I hope to hear some good news too!”


“We won’t disappoint you!”


“I-I’ll do my best!”

And so Maple said goodbye to them. She and Sally waved their hands and then logged out.

Now that they were left behind, Yui and Mai looked a little worried. Still, they went out into the field with determined expressions.


“We’ll find it no matter what!”


“Yes, let’s do our best.”

That being said, both of them would die in one hit if they were attacked by the monsters on the 7th layer. They knew this well, and so they had no choice but to kill the monsters first.

And so they activated their new skills as soon as they went out onto the field.


“Destroy Mode!”

“Destroy Mode!”

It was the medal skill they had acquired. Red sparks flew when it was activated, and their bodies and weapons were enveloped in a red aura. An overwhelmingly intimidating aura shone off them as they advanced through the field.


[Destroy Mode]

When activated, it increases the hitbox of an attack. Shortens cool-down for skills. Halves VIT. Doubles damage that is taken.


While that would have usually been a severe demerit, they already died in one hit, so it was the same for them.

Still, in spite of the fact that the two of them were carrying such deadly hammers, monsters continued to attack them.


“It’s coming, Yui!”


“Yes! Leave it…ahh!”

The great hammer swung towards the wolf-type monster that jumped towards her. However, it was too high and did not hit the wolf. But the moment that the aura surrounding the weapon touched it, there was a large sound as the monster went flying into the air.

And then the wolf rolled on the ground and exploded into light.


“Wow! The hitbox is so big now!”


“Yes… Now it will be a lot easier to hit things!”

They said happily. The other players on the field who were watching them looked horrified. There were no other players that were as distinct as these two. And now they had witnessed their instant kill attack suddenly having much more range.

However, both of them were thinking only of the bear cub in the forest. And they took no notice of the looks they were getting.

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