Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 254

Defense Specialization and the Search for the Bear Cub


And so the two of them entered the forest and started to search for the bear cub. As Maple was not with them, they had to be extra careful about monsters. They could not allow themselves to be attacked.


“It would probably be best to wait for Maple to return, but I can’t wait that long!”

Yui’s eyes shone as if she could barely even keep still. Mai nodded.


“Uhh, it was pretty far in the back, right…?”


“Yes. We have to go deeper.”

As they walked, they suddenly saw a bush shaking up ahead. And so they stuck their backs together and watched.

It was then that a monster boar flew out from the bushes.




They kept their backs together as they rotated and swung their great hammers. They would not be taking precise aim. Instead, they used the two weapons and their increased hitboxes to create a space that completely filled the area the boar was entering.

As there was nowhere to escape, it would get hit. And what was just as certain, was that it would not survive the power of their attack.

And so, just like the previous one, the monster exploded into light. And the two of them sighed in relief.


“Good… It would have taken us a long time to get back here.”


“Huh… I hope we find it soon.”

While there were several close calls, they killed a few more monsters after that. And they finally reached the area that was close to where they found the bear cub.


“It was somewhere around here…”


“Hmm. Now it just depends on whether it will show up.”

It was while they cautiously searched the ground for it, that it suddenly jumped out of some bushes.




It happened so quickly. And they did not have enough time to hit it with an AGI lowering item before it ran away again.

They frantically drank their AGI raising potions and then moved through the bushes as they chased the glimmering star-like trail that it left.


“Yui! A monster!”


“Don’t get in our way! ‘Flying Attack’!”

Yui and Mai activated Flying Attack together, and the four shockwaves blasted the monster away. Then they hurriedly looked for the trail and continued to rush through the forest. However, they kept getting attacked by monsters and were still unable to catch up to the bear.


“Oh, it’s going to get away again!”


“Ah! Yui! Look out!”


“Huh? Ahhh!?”

The pressure had made her less watchful, and so she was unable to react in time when the monster came. Its attack landed. And no matter how high their attack ability was, if they took a single hit, it was over.


“Ah, Yui! Ahhh!”

Mai was so distracted by what happened to Yui, that she also was not able to react in time. And like that, both of them were sent back to the 7th layer’s town.


When they opened their eyes, their expressions were filled with regret and disappointment as they slumped down on a bench.


“Ahh! We couldn’t do it…”


“Should we try again?”


“Of course! We can’t give up yet! We won’t be able to tame it if we give up so easily!”

They decided to keep chasing it until some kind of change occurred. And so they headed for the forest once again.

Obviously, it would be smart to wait for Maple, but they also felt that they should get used to the forest in order to make exploration go much smoother.


Ultimately, they died two more times, and on their third return to the forest, they were unable to find the bear cub at all.

Time continued to pass as they walked around and searched for it.


“What happened? It doesn’t come out anymore.”


“The place…it should be here.”

And then they thought of something. Maybe it only came out under certain conditions.


“We could have just been lucky…no, I don’t think it’s that… Should we try coming back the same time tomorrow?”


“Let’s do that! If it doesn’t come out under the same circumstances tomorrow, then we’ll think of what to do then.”

They had already decided that their goal was to tame the bear cub. So the only thing to do was to keep moving towards it.


“Should we stop for the day?”

Mai asked. Yui thought about it before making a suggestion.


“Why not practice fighting with the monsters in this area? Sally said it was important to get used to these things!”


“That’s true. Besides, we need to raise our level.”


“Then it’s decided! And we can give the materials we gather to Izu and have her make something!”

And so the two of them started training in order to get used to the forest monsters, which would help them get the bear cub.

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