Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 256

Defense Specialization and Matching



Enthusiasm tends to increase after you succeed once, and so they continued without losing any momentum and cleared the fight on their second try as well. And like that, they were both able to tame a monster.


“Ahh! That was tiring!”


“But…we were able to do it…without any help.”

They sat down on the sofa in the guild home and looked at ‘Bridge of Bonds’ on their fingers while smiling with satisfaction.

As they relaxed and enjoyed the sense of achievement, Izu came out from the back with an equally satisfied expression.


“Ah, you two. How are things going?”


“Perfectly! For both of us. Look!”


“We tamed them!”

They said as they showed her the rings and explained what had happened. Izu nodded happily when they talked about how useful her items and equipment had been. And then she told them that she had something she wanted them to try if they were interested.


“I was able to make an item that allows you to change the appearance of your monsters. You know, from what you just told me, it seems like you have the same monster. So why don’t you try it out?”


“Yes! I’d like to see it!”




“It’s decided then. Will you follow me?”

Izu took them to the workshop and told them to call out the monsters.


“Oh, now that I think about it, I haven’t chosen a name yet.”


“We were so busy thinking about acquiring them…”

They decided to pick names after finishing this. And so they called out their monsters. Two adorable bear cubs appeared at their feet. Both of them rubbed against their legs, showing how attached they were.


“With this type… Maybe effect coloring and also fur color.”


“Do you mean we can change it to any color we want?”


“Yes. You’ll be fighting together for a long time after this. So it should be something that you like.”

When the 7th layer was implemented, you could not change the appearance of monsters or activate any skills, but a feature was added that allowed you to walk around with them in the guild home and town.

So they would become something important to the player, instead of being ignored after taming.

They thought long and hard about which colors to choose, but in the end, they settled on the same color scheme as themselves.

Mai chose shiny black fur and green for skill effects. Yui chose white for fur like a polar bear and a pink color for effects.


“Good! Now, I’m going to name mine Yukimi!”


“And mine will be…Tsukimi, I think.”


“I think those are good names. It’s very much like you two.”

Now that they had finished naming them, they knelt down and petted the bears while calling them by their new names. The bears looked happy as they rubbed against Mai and Yui.


“Ehehe… I look forward to working with you.”


“I’m relying on you, okay!”

After petting them for some time, Mai suddenly thought of something.


“The others… They haven’t tamed any monsters yet?”


“Yes. I’ve shut myself up in the workshop the whole time, and I think Chrome is still undecided. I don’t even know where Kanade is… I think Kasumi went to the 4th layer for a change of pace.”


“Then, it’s our turn to help you!”


“We’ll gather materials and information. Also, I want to raise Tsukimi’s level.”


“I’m counting on it. The 7th layer is so big, so it’s hard to start from scratch.”


“We’ll do our best!”

“We’ll do our best!”

Mai and Yui still had a lot to do. They had to practice doing coordinated attacks with Tsukimi and Yukimi now. However, their eyes were shining and they seemed to be having fun.


And during the same time, there was one member who was away from the front lines and on the 4th layer.


“Hahh. It would be best if I could take one with me from this floor…but it’s not possible.”

After learning what she could about the 7th layer, Kasumi found that she wasn’t really interested in the monsters on that layer, and so she had come down to the 4th layer which had the monster town.

She had been hoping to be able to tame one of the monsters here, but she wasn’t able to find any with the mark next to their HP.


“I guess I’ll wander around a little bit longer before going back…”

Maybe the monster she was looking for was still here, and she just needed to find it. She would just have to take her time and search.

And so Kasumi entered a nearby building in order to replenish her energy.

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