Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 257

Defense Specialization and Addition



“So… I guess these are the items that were added.”

Every time a new map was added or there was an event, Kasumi would come to the 4th layer and check to see if there was any new furniture.

When she did, she would often clear small quests to get the furniture. And it would not be an exaggeration to say that she had explored more of this layer than anyone else.


“Maybe I should also check to see if there were any new quests added.”

As the 7th layer had now been implemented, the monsters here would now feel very weak.

And so as a breather, Kasumi decided to visit a tavern where you could often accept quests.

The place was filled with all kinds of monsters, who sat around tables and talked loudly to each other.

It was all conversations Kasumi had heard before, and the faces were also familiar. However, her eyes suddenly stopped at one table in the corner.

She saw a large frog sitting there politely.


“That…is an unfamiliar face…”

When Kasumi approached the table, a blue panel popped up in front of her and displayed the quest name.


“‘Fog Valley in a Faraway Land’? …Was this added recently…?”

Kasumi smiled and accepted the quest with great expectation.

And then, the frog in front of her began to talk.


“Oh, is there something you wanted to ask me?”


“Uh, something like that.”


“Kekeke. Indeed…I have something interesting to say…though, I don’t know if you will believe it.”

The frog said. And then it began to talk about a valley floor that was filled with fog.


“They say that there is a monster there. And so I went there to test my own bravery, believing that there was no such monster. However…there was. A monster so terrible that you will not be able to move when you see it.”

Kasumi asked the frog to tell her more, but the frog closed its mouth.


“You plan to go there, don’t you? …Kekeke. Don’t go. You won’t be able to come back alive without power. Well…as for the rest…I’ll tell you if you are strong enough.”

It said, and then the quest description was updated. It told her to defeat specific monsters. And it wasn’t only on the 4th layer. She would have to go to the 5th and 6th as well.

Kasumi had only come here for a change of pace, and so she was quite surprised. But in the next instant, she realized that there was no way she wasn’t going to do it. And she flew out of the tavern.

She had become certain that this was the latest quest, and she was so excited that a smile naturally appeared on her face.


“Hehe… So, what will it be… Strong or weak…”

Kasumi decided to start on the 4th layer as she raised her speed and moved towards the field.


“First…hmm. The small demons of the west.”

The thing that she had to do on the 4th layer, was defeat these small monsters. However, while they were weak when alone, they had a tendency to appear in large numbers, so you had to be careful when going solo.

When Kasumi arrived at her destination, the small demons called each other and swarmed around her.

This time, she had to kill a certain number of them within a time limit after killing the first one.

Kasumi unsheathed her sword and with a puff of smoke, changed her appearance as she looked at the small demons.


“‘Arm of the Warrior’ ‘Mind’s Eye’!”

Kasumi entered her fighting stance, summoning two arms, and activating the skill she acquired with the medals.


[Mind’s Eye]

Effective for 1 minute. 5-minute cooldown.

It allows you to see the hitboxes of monster attacks and player skill attacks in advance.


When using Mind’s Eye, Kasumi saw red lines for where the clubs would swing. In other words, she knew where not to be if she didn’t want to get damaged.


“I wonder if this how Sally sees things… Blood Blade!”

While she was surrounded, she could see all the places that were dangerous. And so she was able to calmly twist her body and dodge attacks. Then she activated Blood Blade and turned her sword into liquid. She used it as a whip in order to attack the small demons over a wide area.

The others were automatically cut up by the swords that floated on both sides of her.

Kasumi hadn’t just used the medal skills to raise her attack ability, she used them to help keep herself stable during combat.

Not only could she deal with enemies at close range and middle range, her defense ability had also been raised. And so her abilities while solo was quite high.


“One minute…alright. Mind’s Eye’s effect is gone now.”

There was a sharp metallic sound as she sheathed her swords. And like that, all of the small demons that had swarmed around her turned into light and disappeared.


“Blood Blade really is useful. Now, onto the 5th layer.”

Kasumi finished the first requirement easily and now headed for the 5th layer.


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