Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 267

Defense Specialization and Pursuit



A few days after Maple unveiled her tentacles, the three members who had yet to tame a monster were gathered together at the guild home, where they thought about what monsters they wanted to get.


“Most of my roles include making up for everyone else’s deficiencies. So I’d prefer a jack of all trades, than a monster that specializes in one thing. And I do have an idea of what that could be.”


“I want something that has high recovery. Since we don’t have a healer… Well, I’m on a certain quest right now, so it really depends on the outcome.”


“I suppose I should look for a monster that can produce things. Surely there are monsters like that, who are different from the combat ones. You’d think there would be more information about it by now.”

All three of them were hoping to meet a monster that would help them excel in their strengths. That being said, they couldn’t overlap. Also, they would have to fight against other guilds such as Assembly of Holy Blades and Ifrit’s Kingdom in upcoming events, so they wanted something with the potential to beat them as well. So it was no wonder that they were having trouble finding partners.


“But it will be so much easier to move once this is done. Yes, let’s work as if we have to finish it today!”

Chrome said as he stood up. As long as what they were searching for was different, they had to move separately. So it would be a while before all of them could travel together on the 7th layer.


“See you later. Maybe I should go look around town as well.”


“I might do that too. There might be some quests I can do.”

And so the three of them left the guild home with their own goal in mind.


“That being said… I have nowhere to go.”

Kanade walked briskly through the huge town. First, he would check to see if any obvious changes had come over the town. Kanade remembered the faces of every NPC he met while exploring. Because of this, he didn’t need to go around and talk to everyone. He already knew which places had which quests, and where each NPC was. And so he just needed to compare that information with what he saw now, and he could quickly notice any NPCs he hadn’t met before.

So, in a way, he was just doing his regular examination today.



It was when Kanade was humming to himself and starting to think that he wouldn’t discover anything today. He saw a single man walking in the corner of his vision.

He had a normal cape, long sword, buckler, and light armor. He looked like any other NPC.

However, Kanade had never seen him before. And so in Kanade’s world, this plain man looked very strange indeed.


“Maybe I should follow him? I don’t have anything to do, anyway.”

Kanade decided to stop searching the town and follow the man instead. He didn’t seem to be doing anything. He just kept walking in a circle around the town. However, Kanade continued to smile and follow him without getting bored.

After some time, the man changed his route a little, and slowly went into an empty alley and then stepped into a house.

Kanade followed him and opened the door to the house.


“He’s not here…?”

He couldn’t have lost him. That meant the man must have disappeared somehow.


“I’ve been logging in quite a lot recently… But I thought I was really onto something this time…”

There was always a possibility that he had just missed him up until now. After searching the room for quite some time and finding nothing, Kanade sat down in a chair.


“Phew. I really thought I would find something.”

Then he got up and put his hand on the doorknob as he was about to leave.


“…Still, nothing.”

Kanade muttered as he stepped outside.


“Just kidding.”

He said as he entered the room once again. There must be a reason that this felt very strange to him.

And he had no intention of leaving until he found out what the reason for it was.



As he entered the room, he saw that the interior looked exactly the same. There was a table, chairs, bed, and a bookshelf.

However, there was no way that he would not notice that one of the books was now in a different position.


“Is it here?”

When Kanade touched the book, it turned transparent. And then it moved away from him at an incredible speed.


“I finally found it. So, the libraries in towns really do have useful information.”

The monster that Kanade was searching for. It was a slime that could perfectly mimic the shape of different objects.

As soon as Kanade saw it, the quest became accessible.


“‘Copying Mirror,’ huh. Nice.”

Of course, Kanade accepted it and then left the house and walked out into the field.

He already knew where he needed to go. It was a cave with giant crystals that had surfaces that reflected like mirrors. Many people had suggested that there must be something there.


“Now, I just hope that its abilities are what I’m expecting them to be.”

As he had not been doing much fighting recently, he still had plenty of magic books in storage.

And so Kanade headed to his destination in order to hurry up and finish the quest.


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