Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 268

Defense Specialization and Two Peas in a Pod



Once Kanade reached his destination, he brought out his bookshelves so that he could fight at a moment’s notice. At the same time, he looked for the slime. According to the hint, it should be here.



The mirror-like crystal suddenly lost its shape and transformed into something else. Its once transparent body had color now, and it was very detailed.


“I see… This might take longer than I thought.”

Kanade muttered to himself. In front of him, was a clone of himself. It was like he was looking into a mirror.

And just like Kanade, the figure was surrounded by floating shelves that were full of books.


“Alright. Let’s fight then.”

So saying, Kanade pulled a book from the shelf. At the same time, the slime also pulled a book from the shelf.

If the skills they could use were the same, then it would be how they used them that would determine who had the upper hand.

Kanade had a very accurate grasp of the contents of the shelves. He only needed to look at the spine to know what magic, what timing, and the area of effect

Because of this, Kanade was also able to immediately know how to deal with them, and escape the attacks.

In a way, it was similar to Kasumi’s Mind’s Eye, and so he had a perfect grasp on where the danger was.


“‘Magic Bullet of Fire,’ ‘Voice of the Dead.’”

The slime that now looked like Kanade took out two books as well and activated them. One was a fireball with a homing feature and the other was a wide-area instant death attack.


“Ah, ‘Anti-magic Barrier’! ‘Cloth of Blessing’!”

As Kanade knew which skills were coming, he raised a barrier that only worked against magic, but that was very powerful, and a layer of light that continued to heal you while also raising your resistance to instant death.

The roaring flames hit the barrier and exploded. There was a frightening sound and then it all disappeared into the light.


“You sure like to use the rare stuff…I guess I won’t be able to hold back…”

Kanade had a huge store of magic, but they were all single-use only.

And since Kanade had to prepare for the upcoming event, he couldn’t just use anything he wanted, unlike the slime.


He would dodge what he could dodge. And if there was something he couldn’t dodge, he would block it with the right defense magic.


“I guess I should be glad that at least it’s not that good at using them? No, I still don’t like it.”

As there would be no end to it if they continued to fling ranged magic at each other from a distance, Kanade moved in order to bridge the gap between them. However, he was assaulted by huge waves, earthquakes, and lightning.


“‘Magic Flight,’ ‘Power Reduction,’ ‘Anti-Magic’!”

He floated up with Magic Flight and accelerated in order to avoid the cracks in the ground. And while he couldn’t avoid being hit by the water and thunder, the two layers of damage reduction allowed him to survive.

And as long as he survived, Cloth of Blessing would heal him. As it was a rare skill, it healed at a rapid rate.

It was just as he forced his way through the great wave that the magic’s effect expired, and Kanade plummeted to the ground.

At the same time, the slime started to flip through more books.

A field of flowers spread out on the ground, numerous chains shot down from above, a blizzard started blowing from the front.


“I wish I could be so free when choosing them. ‘All Resist,’ ‘Fire Storm,’ ‘Summon: Decoy.”

As he continued to move forward, the poisonous flowers on the ground shot out their status affecting pollen, but they were promptly nullified. Then a wave of heat slammed against the blizzard, and the chains changed their targets.

He was able to deal with every attack. And finally, he closed in on the slime.


“Yes. Your movements aren’t that perfect.”

Kanade pulled out a few books and immediately moved to the offensive. All of them were attacks of the highest class and could not be affected by any damage reduction effects. On the other hand, their areas of effect were small, but at this range, it wouldn’t be a problem.


“‘Breath of Destruction’ ‘Divine Punishment,’ ‘Axe of Gravity’!”

Black flames and what looked like lightning burned the slime as an invisible power slammed it into the ground.

The barriers that had been activated at the same time were of no use. The slime slowly disappeared, and only a transparent blob that looked like it was asleep, remained.


“Phew…I don’t know why it needed to hide if it can copy things to this level… Now then…”

Kanade picked up the core and checked the description.

It said that by activating 50 types of skills or magic, you could revive and tame it.


“50 huh? Well, it is supposed to pursue knowledge in order to mimic other creatures.”

This would be possible to do if you collected a lot of skills that were not too important. However, Kanade did not have to go out and learn any new skills.


“It seems more like a servant than a friend. But I suppose it was like that with Mai and Yui too…”

And so Kanade activated 50 of his magic spells on the spot as if it were the simplest thing. While he had to use his magic books, it was a necessary cost.

And then…the small mass started to melt and return to its shape as a slime.


“A name, hmm… How about ‘Sou.’ Now, ‘Mimic.’”

Kanade ordered as he put the ring on his finger. And then Sou turned into the spitting image of Kanade. Of course, just as before, the floating shelves and books were exactly the same.

They were more similar than Mai and Yui were. In fact, they were exactly the same. And then they both smiled as if they were happy about this success.


“Yes, good! …But the power of the skills is halved, huh? Well, it’s still enough. That’s not your strength, anyway.”

It wasn’t as strong as it was when it came out as an enemy, but it still didn’t change the fact that he now had double the amount of books.


“It just depends on how much I can control it… Hmm. I guess I’ll find out as you grow.”

Kanade chuckled as he thought of the possibilities for new attacks. And then Sou too smiled mischievously.

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