Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 269

Defense Specialization and Going Together



“Now…I wonder if there’s any new information.”

Izu decided to head out and see if there was any new information since she expected most of the town exploration would have ended by now.

She had mainly just shut herself up in the workshop in order to create new items, so it had been a long time since she last went outside for a reason other than acquiring materials.


“Uhhh…information on monsters…”

When Izu checked the information about tamable monsters, she saw that there was a great variety of them. Among the monsters that were easy to tame, the strong ones could often be seen walking around town with their master.


“Even the ones that aren’t rare monsters are quite strong. I’m sure Sally is checking this out too…as for monsters that can help with production…”

As she continued to look, she found a monster that had been discovered recently. The requirement for starting the quest was producing a certain amount of a new item. It had been recently discovered by a player who was like Izu, and had shut themselves up in their workshop all of this time.

It was suggested that clearing the quest would get you a fairy, but as no one had completed it yet, no one knew what kind of abilities it would have.


“Yes, this is good! I’ll choose this one.”

And so Izu excitedly made her way to the house where she could accept the quest. There was a large chimney on the top and a row of barrels next to the house that looked like they were stuffed with materials. From what Izu could see through the window, the interior was filled with familiar crafting tools.


“This is the place. If I’m not wrong, fulfilling the requirements should mean the quest…yes!”

As Izu stood in front of the door, a blue panel was displayed in front of her, and the quest appeared.


“‘The Three Trials.’ It seems pretty hard…”

Izu accepted the quest and entered the house. And there in front of her was an old man with a very long, white beard. The house was littered with old tools as if they were proof that the owner had dedicated his entire life to crafting. As Izu looked around the room, the old man started to talk to her.


“Since you came here, you must want to borrow the power of fairies. Hmm…well, it seems you have a reasonable amount of skill. Wait here one moment.”

The old man took out a single sheet of paper from his desk and handed it to Izu.

There were three item names written on it.


“Fairies do as they please. If you can get them to help you, you will be able to create something quite wonderful…but you must be a worthy master first.”

In other words, she had to prove that her abilities were worthy of the fairy. And so she would have to make these items.


“This…yes. Alright then.”

Izu decided. She would finish making all three of these items before she next visited this house. And so she left.

She had never made any of these items before. While the recipe was on the paper, the items she needed would have to be made by combining other items. And she knew that she would have to be patient as she worked.


“The crafting is fine, but…this is going be hard.”

There were many items that she needed that came from monsters that looked quite strong. It would be hard for Izu to face them on her own.


“I might have to ask someone for help.”

She checked which guild members were currently logged in. Then she noticed that Maple and Mi were in the town square while on their way back to the guild home. Then they also noticed that Izu was there, and Maple started waving at her.


“Hello, Maple. How are things? Is the exploration going well?”


“Yes! Mi invited me to go leveling with her today.”


“Oh, I see. Then I can’t ask you today…”

Maple tilted her head to the side and asked her what had happened. And so Izu told her about the quest that she had just accepted.

Maple looked like she wanted to help her, but the promise she made with Mi was also important.

Mi listened to all of this from the side and put a hand to her mouth as if she were deep in thought. Once Izu was finished talking about the quest, Mi entered the conversation.



“I see. Then how about this? I’ll go too. So it will be all three of us. I was planning on leveling up today anyway. And you’re going to a pretty harsh area, right? In that case, it should be pretty promising for leveling up.”


“Are you sure? Mi?”

Maple asked. And Mi winked so that only Maple could see her.


“Of course. Besides, hehehe… It will allow me to witness the abilities of my rivals.”

And she really did feel that way. But she also wanted to help them and play together.


“If that’s the case, will you please help me? Of course, I’ll do everything to support you.”


“Yeah, I don’t mind.”


“Alright, then. Let’s go! Let’s go!”

Like that, Izu took the lead, and Maple and Mi followed her. They decided to make their first destination the volcanic mountain, as they had rarely gone there and had few materials.


“It’s pretty far… Should I use ‘Savagery’? Or do you want to ride Syrup?”


“It will take up a lot of time if we have to fight on the way…yes, it might be best to ride on Syrup.”

As the two talked about this, Mi made a suggestion.


“I have a better way. Hehehe… Maple, don’t assume that you’re the only one who can fly in the air. ‘Awakening’!”

Mi said. And then her ring began to glow red, and then a bird with orange feathers and a long tail landed on her arm. Red flames flickered at the ends of its wings, and it was obvious that this was no ordinary bird you might see in the forest.


“Ohh!! So that’s your buddy, Mi! Ah, so that’s what you wanted to show me today.”


“I see…is it…a phoenix?”

Maple kept shouting excitedly about how cool it looked. Mi looked rather smug as she made her buddy enlarge.


“Ignis, ‘Enlarge’!”

As she said this, the bird that she called Ignis blew up into such a size that all three of them could ride on its back.


“We’ll arrive in no time like this. Now, let’s go!”

Mi said. And then she helped Maple up, as she looked like she was struggling. As Maple got up onto its back, she whispered to Mi.


“You sure are excited.”


“Oh. I-I couldn’t wait to show it to you! What do you think?”


“Yes, it’s so cool!”

Upon hearing this, Mi laughed with satisfaction. As they talked, Izu also climbed up, and then with all three of them on top, Ignis flew off in the direction of the volcanic mountain.

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