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Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 273

Defense Specialization and the Spirit



After some time had passed since Chrome acquired his armor buddy, he came to the guild home to find the other guild members touching and squishing Kanade’s buddy, Sou.


“Ah, Chrome! Look at this! It’s Kanade’s monster!”

Maple seemed even happier than Kanade as she called to him.

So, Kanade had befriended a monster as well. Chrome thought as he stared at the slime.


“A slime, huh? I see.”


“Sou is so interesting. Though, it can’t use its skills when in town.”

One second it was melting all over the floor, and the next it became firm and rolled around.

Mai and Yui chased after it.


“It really is lively in here.”


“Oh, that ring. Did you find a buddy too, Chrome?”

Sally asked. Chrome scratched the back of his head.


“Well, yeah… But it’s quite different than everyone else’s. Alright, Sally! I’m going to give you a fair warning.”



Sally tilted her head as if she had no idea what he was talking about.


“My buddy is empty armor that can move.”

Upon hearing this, Sally finally understood what he meant. She twitched and froze up.


“Oh, um. No, I’m fine. Amor is…more on the cool side.”

Sally muttered in embarrassment. Chrome realized that the warning probably had the opposite effect, and so he called out the monster.


“Hey, Necro. Come out!”

The armor that he called Necro looked like it was being moved by invisible strings. It clanked loudly as it hovered in the air. However, it really did just look like normal armor and a sword and shield.

Sally did gasp at first, but then she looked at Necro for a little longer and then sighed as if in relief.


“Alright, I’m fine…ohhh… But there really are undead ones, aren’t there…ohhh…”

Sally had been avoiding looking at such information as a way to escape reality. But she knew it was true.

She could only hope that Frederica, who often came to challenge her, would not go down that route.


“Well, it’s a pretty interesting monster as well. Once we all have monsters, I’d like to test some things somewhere…”


“We should level up first. My monster is still low level and doesn’t have any skills.”


“Hmm, that’s true. Is Izu the only one left?”

Chrome asked as he scanned the room. However, he was not able to find her.


“Ah, she’s busy crafting items. She hasn’t come out of her workshop for a while.”


“Sally and I helped her gather materials… It was really hard.”


“That’s true. Considering how much we gathered…”

Chrome looked at their reactions and realized how hard it must have been. He looked at the workshop with a worried expression.

Just then, the workshop door opened and Izu came out looking very exhausted.


“He-hey… Are you alright?”


“Huh? Ah, Chrome. Welcome back. I…finally finished up here.”

It must have taken a lot of endurance because she looked like she was about to fall asleep.

Izu slapped her cheeks and stretched her limbs. She needed to go out in order to complete her goal.


“Alright, I’m going to go and submit the items now.”


“Yeah, good luck.”

They all said. Izu smiled back at them and then headed to the house where she needed to take the items.

“Okay, let’s go inside.”

Izu entered the house and took out the items.

There was a bottle of sparkling medicine that changed color as time passed, fancy clothes that were decorated with great detail, and a ceremonial sword and sheath that was covered in jewels.


“Brilliant. With this, you will surely get the help you desire. Now, follow me.”

Izu obeyed the old man and followed him down the stairs to the basement of his house.

This basement turned out to be an expansive garden that was filled with grass and flowers. And in the center, there was a magic circle that glowed with a pale light.


“Now, put this on your finger and step onto it. It will change what you can see.”

Izu put on the ring and stepped on the circle just as he instructed. Then a blue light started to shine from the ring and completely fill up her vision.

She closed her eyes for an instant and then opened them again. What was floating in front of her, was a white ball of light that had small wings. She wasn’t sure if it was a fairy or a spirit.

When Izu looked around her, she was a pot filled with water with a blue blob of water inside. At her feet, there were small flying creatures with wings made of leaves and flowers.


“That’s a spirit. They are usually white like this. However, their power changes depending on their location. So control them while using the terrain and magic to your advantage.”


“I see… So it’s close to attribute magic? I guess I’ll have to do a lot of testing.”

Izu named the white light in front of her Fay, and they returned to the guild home together.

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