Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 274

Defense Specialization and Event Information



As all of the members of Maple Leaf finally chose their buddies, they decided to test their strength next.

And so Sally carefully selected a dungeon while the others were leveling up.


“A place that requires all kinds of abilities will make the weaknesses more apparent…so maybe here.”

As she planned their next destination, the doors of the guild home burst open loudly and Frederica stormed in.


“Ah, there you are! I finally found you!”




“Let’s fight. You know, like we always do.”

Sally glanced at Frederica’s fingers and saw that she was wearing a ring just like ‘Bridge of Bonds.’ Sally had been making excuses and walking around the fields, but they had finally bumped into each other again.


“Uh, well…um…”


“What? Is something bothering you?”

Frederica said with a mischievous grin. Sally had a bad feeling about it, but Frederica would not back down. As for Sally, she did not want to tell Frederica that she would be too scared to fight her if her monster happened to be an undead.

But Frederica was in too deep. She already knew where Maple Tree’s training ground was and so she excitedly dragged Sally towards it.


“Alright. Just as always, okay?”

Sally finished preparing and told Frederica how the fight would go down. It would be the same as always. They would chip away at each others’ HP until someone surrendered.


“Okay! Hehe. What should I do…”

Frederica said indecisively and then enjoyed Sally’s reaction. That’s when the countdown started.

Sally concentrated more than usual and waited silently for the right time.

When the count down went to 0, the battle began.


“‘Super Accelerate’! Oboro! ‘Quick Shadow,’ Shadow Clone’!”

Sally accelerated at an incredible rate and then disappeared. When she appeared again, there were five of her. Sally was rarely this serious, and so Frederica was so stunned that she instinctively went on the defensive.




“‘Iron Water Cannon’! Oboro ‘Binding Barrier’!”

Out of the five Sallys that were in front of her, one was a ‘Mirage.’ As it dissipated, a voice rang from behind Frederica, and a strong blast of water shot up and launched her into the air. Frederica tried to resist it, but Oboro’s stun skill prevented her from moving.


“Hey! Wait! Waaait!”


“‘Quintuple Slash’!”

But Frederica’s requests were for nothing, she continued to plummet rapidly without being able to defend herself. And so she was subject to a barrage of attacks until her HP was down to 0. She landed heavily on the ground. When she got up again, she puffed her cheeks angrily.


“Was it just me, or were you more murderous than usual?”


“…I think it’s just you?”


“And I came all this way just to show you my buddy… Ah, that’s right! It doesn’t have to be while we’re fighting. I’ll show you anyway.”


“Uh, um, no…wait!”

Now it was Sally’s turn to make useless protests. Just as the ring started to glow and it was apparent that something was going to come out, Sally shut her eyes tightly and covered her ears with her hands. After a brief moment, Frederica pried Sally’s fingers open and forced her to open her eyes.

Sally then saw Frederica smiling mischievously as a small, yellow bird sat on top of her head.




“This is my buddy, Knots. Hehe. What is it? What did you think was going to come out?”


“Ah…! Phew. Frederica!”

Sally realized that Frederica had done it on purpose from the beginning. But she was so embarrassed that that was all she could muster.


“You have a surprisingly cute side. Though, you’re almost inhuman during combat.”

Frederica said. She was still smiling mischievously at Sally.


“Tsk… I’m going to go just as hard on you next time.”


“I hope you do. It will be all the more satisfying when you lose. Besides, Knots is really strong.”

Just then, there was a beep, and both of them paused in order to check their messages. It contained details of the next event.

First, there would be a preliminary battle. Points would be calculated based on the survival times of the players and the number of monsters killed.

High-ranking players would be able to enter the main battle area. Those who rank the highest would get better rewards. As the preliminary match was solo, players who had tamed a monster would have a great advantage.


“It seems like the first event of the preliminaries will be against monsters… And the main one will have time acceleration and be PVE. It will likely be a hard event…”


“It sounds like survival. But I would like to get in the top with everyone else in the preliminaries…”

After they were finished, Frederica insisted that they fight again. However, she then received another message.


“Ugh, It’s from Pain.”


“Hmm? Did you have plans?”


“He said that I’m not supposed to show you too much. Hmph. How did he know…”


“That makes sense. We might be competing again.”


“Still… He said that I can be the judge of that. So I’ll just do what I want!”


“Haha. Pain sure has his hands full…”

They said as they started the second round. Ultimately, they fought five times that day, and Sally won every time. However, Frederica obeyed Pain’s advice, and the little bird called Knots didn’t use any powerful skills.

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