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Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 275

Defense Specialization and Exploration



Some time had now passed since her fights with Frederica, and Sally was now in the guild home with Maple.


“Frederica didn’t use any of her bird’s skills… But judging by its appearance, I think it specializes in buffs and debuffs.”




“It’s just speculation. You know, compare it to Mai and Yui’s bears. You can tell they are combat types, right?”


“That’s true. It does seem more like a support monster!”


“Frederica always said so. When all four of them are together, her job is mostly related to magic.”


“I think a lot will change once people have monsters…”


“Yes. They either strengthen what you’re good at or make up for your weaknesses…”

They decided that there wasn’t much point in staying here and thinking about it, and so they went outside.

While they had general information about the field, there were no events that they were desperate to clear.

And so they looked at all the information that Sally had gathered and tied to decide on where to go.


“Maple. Is there someplace that interests you?”


“Hmm… We already went to the sea and the forest and the volcanic mountain. Hmm. If it’s a place with nice scenery…”


“You sound like a tourist… Hmm. Oh, then why don’t we just explore different places?”

Sally chuckled as she looked at Maple. Then she closed the information about areas that were good for leveling up or had lots of events.


“Really!? Yay! The seventh layer has so many nice places!”

And so Maple showed all of the information she had gathered. Unlike Sally’s information, it was all about where to go to see pretty scenery and cute animals and how to get the most enjoyment out of the fields.


“I see. But there is a lot of distance between areas, so we’ll need a method of transportation.”


“There are some places you can’t go to with Savagery… If we’re in a hurry, you can carry me?”


“Well, I thought you would say that. And so I prepared something.”



Maple tried to guess what she meant as Sally smiled mischievously.




“Ohh! So fast!”


“Hold on, Maple! Though, I’m sure you’ll be fine even if you fall!”

After a while, Maple and Sally could be seen riding a horse. She had tamed it on the field and had it kept in a stable in town. As you could not ride them unless your DEX was high enough, Maple had to hold onto Sally as she rode in the back.


“It’s not as fast if there are two people… But it’s a good horse, and still really fast!”


“That’s amazing, Sally! Thank you!”


“You’re welcome! Alright, the ground is uneven here, so be careful, okay?”


“I-I won’t fall! Ah, turn right over here!”



Sally changed the direction of the horse according to Maple’s guidance. Like that, they came out into a field that stretched as far as the eye could see. When they looked down from above, they could see a gentle river ran through it and there were many tamable monsters in the area.


“The monsters here aren’t really hostile, so it’s not good for leveling up. But it’s a good place to relax.”


“You’ve been here before?”


“No, I just read about it. Of course, everyone ended up getting their monsters while I was gathering information.”


“They were so fast. But I guess it shows how they knew what they wanted.”

The two of them got off of the horse and started to walk in the field. Here, all kinds of animals, such as horses, cows, and water birds lived together.


“Ohh…it’s too bad I can’t take all of them back with me.”


“You would if you could?”


“Okay, maybe not all of them. But I want to take the cute ones.”

You could not have too many cute monsters around you. Maple smiled as she carried Syrup in her arms.


“Maybe we should search for rare monsters just in case. Apparently, they are in every area…”


“Information sure is important!”


“…Well, I won’t be attacked in this area. So you can go and play if you want?”

Sally said with a chuckle. Maple looked like she wanted to go running around as soon as possible. And so Maple laughed with an embarrassed expression and then went running off.


“Mister rabbit! Wait!”


“…Oh, she definitely won’t catch up with that one.”

Sally thought as she watched Maple chase after a group of rabbits.

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