Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 289

Defense Specialization and the Lord of the Mist



To no one’s surprise, there were many players on the field, and it was very difficult to find a place where you wouldn’t bump into others. And so a trio that had survived and continued to hunt down monsters at a good pace, now stepped foot into a forest that was covered in a thick mist.

As they had already killed so many monsters, they decided to move away from the other players and buy as much time as possible. A misty forest raised the chances of an ambush, so it was not a place most people would enter willingly. However, they thought that they could use that to their advantage.


“I think this is a good spot.”


“Ah, what a relief. It’s a good thing I was able to meet a fellow guild member.”


There was strength in numbers. Even if they couldn’t form a party, as long as they knew what the other person wanted, they could coordinate, which was a big advantage.


“Ah, that’s right. Do you also think… Huh?”


“What is it? …Eh?”

All three of them had entered the forest, but before they knew it, there were only two of them. There was no way that someone would have gone without saying anything, and so they split up and searched the area. But they could not find their comrade.


“Hey! He’s not here… You have to be kidding me.”

And just like that, the second person, who had been there a second ago, also disappeared as the last man shouted into the mist.



And then he saw two glowing red lights in the mist. And at the same time, the paralysis effect hit him, and he could not move his body.


“Damn it! This is bad…”

He saw that his death was imminent. And he desperately tried to move, but it was useless until the effect ended. The thing that then slithered out of the thick mist, was a giant, white snake.

As he braced himself, the blow shockingly came from behind.



A sword swung through the air and slashed right through the man, bringing his HP down to 0.

Kasumi made sure that he was dead, and then walked over to the white snake, Haku. She jumped up onto its head and then sat down.


“It seems like monsters are coming out again. Let’s go over there.”

Haku slithered smoothly between the trees as they patrolled the forest. In fact, the mist that surrounded them was being created by Haku.


“Ahh…Haku. You became big so quickly. I couldn’t have asked for a better ally.”

When Haku’s level went up, it learned a skill that was much like Syrup’s ‘Enlarge,’ only this one was called ‘Super Enlarge.’

Once she had activated it and used the skill to generate the mist, they were able to just slither around the area and make it their territory.

And so Kasumi would have Haku paralyze any players that wandered in, and then she would cut them down. Of course, it was the same with monsters. They would circle the forest and send everyone they found to their graves.

As she just rode on Haku, it was easy to travel.

After moving for a while, they found a 5-meter boar, which was considered large in this forest, and some players that were fighting it. As more time passed, more players started to contact each other and unite.


“Alright, there they are… Let’s go, Haku!”

She would take the players along with the boar. And so Kasumi made Haku move faster, and without losing momentum, bite into the boar’s body.


“‘Arm of the Warrior,’ ‘Blood Blade’!”

It was not able to react in time to the giant snake that burst out from the mist, and then Kasumi’s liquid blade sunk deep into its flesh. The players had lost their balance when she appeared, and Kasumi slashed one of them with her sword. At the same time, each of the swords to her side decapitated another player.


“Haku! ‘Paralysis Poison’! ‘Fourth of the Blade – Senpu.’”

Kasumi turned back to the boar, and slammed its head with a series of attacks while it was still paralyzed.

Haku didn’t have that many skills yet. Its weapon was its high status and giant body.

And so Haku wrapped its body around the boar and started to deal damage by strangling it.

And since the players had already dealt damage, its HP quickly went down to 0.


“Alright. That went well. Ah, this buff allows you to see the position of other players, huh…”

Kasumi got back onto Haku’s head and they moved towards the icon on the map. Defeating any players that they found would help Maple Tree rise in the rankings.


“Haha. This is our territory. Everyone who enters must be defeated. Right, Haku?”

The white snake hissed as it slithered through the misty forest. And for some time after, the mist was filled with screams.

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