Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 290

Defense Specialization and Contact



Misery, Marx, and Shin were members of ‘Kingdom of the Flame Emperor’, and they had all managed to reunite and hunt together. As they all had maps, they just needed to contact each other and move. So it would have been possible for them to meet Mii. But they decided not to.


“We’re not a party, after all.”


“Yes. I won’t survive if I’m caught in Mi’s area attacks…”


“She…isn’t able to control the amount of fire…”

Mi had a powerful attack that burned everything that was around her, but if she did that around them, the trio would turn into fireballs.


“Well, I’m sure she’ll be fine without us. In any case, we need to hunt as many monsters as possible. I’ll take down their HP, so you finish them off.”

Up until they teamed up, Shin had killed a lot of monsters with ‘Destructor’ and his tamed monster, ‘Wen’ the hawk.

Compared to him, Misery and Marx specialized in healing and traps, which was not very efficient. Just then, a monster appeared in front of him.


“Yes, leave it to me.”


“I can support… But don’t step on any of the traps by accident, okay…?”


“Well, I can fight while standing in one place. It will be fine as long as you don’t place them right at my feet. Here I go! ‘Destructor’!”

Shin unleashed swords into the charging tiger, and shredded its flesh.


“Wen! ‘Wind God’!”

A powerful wind began to blow around the hawk, it then turned into numerous blades of wind, which shot towards the tiger.

Just by approaching the trio, the tiger was cut by blades multiple times until its HP was nearly empty. Even though individual hits were not heavy, with a tamed monster and enough successive attacks, the outcome was very different.


“‘Holy Lance’!”

As promised, Misery dealt the finishing blow. And then they moved on to their next target.


“I’ve always been amazed…at how many swords it can shoot out like that…”


“It’s just experience. One day, it was just able to do it.”


“It’s that simple, huh?”


“What about your monsters? Has there been any changes since we last talked about it?”


“Me? …Clear can’t really do anything too amazing yet. It can disappear like a chameleon… Ah, but recently, it can make me invisible as well…”


“My Bell is the same as always. But I do think it’s rare.”


“So it hasn’t learned anything outside of passive skills? Well, that is rare.”

Misery had a white cat with a long coat that she called Bell. It was learning a lot of passive skills that offered buffs within a small area. They were things like enhanced healing and dealing extra damage.

However, as the area of effect was small, it wasn’t very practical.


“It must be a late-bloomer. So I’m going to take good care of it.”


“Alright, we’re entering the area with the ruins now. It’s usually quite populated with other players.”


“I’ll set up some traps…so they don’t follow us from behind.”


“Ah, good idea! Thanks.”

And with that, the trio hunted down monsters while moving into the ruins. As Shin predicted, there were quite a few players here. But none were a match for the three of them.

However, after they had hunted for some time, they heard a familiar voice.


“Hmmm-hmmm-hmmm-hm… Gah! ‘Kingdom of the Flame Emperor’…!”


“Oh, Frederica.”

The voice was Frederica’s. Currently, she seemed to be alone. She was holding up her staff defensively while slowly backing away from them. Clearly, a single rear-guard did not stand a chance against three enemies.


“Ahaha. You know, Payne will be really angry if I die. Won’t you just let me go?”


“Get her!”






“What? But why!? Fine. Knots, ‘Awakening’!”

A small yellow bird landed on Frederica’s head. She had wanted to get out while using the least amount of skills as possible, but now she was desperate.


“Wen! ‘Wind God’!”


“Knots, ‘Singing Round’! Phew, ‘Multi-obstacle.’”

Frederica’s barriers blocked the numerous flying wind blades and Shin’s Destructor. And while they shattered upon impact, she realized that there were much more of them than before.


“I won’t lose in terms of moves, okay? ‘Multi-fire bullets,’ ‘Multi-light bullets.’”

A magic circle appeared, and immediately after, she heard Knots cry, and then the magic circle doubled in size.


“How’s this? Of course, I’m sure that you won’t die.”

Countless bullets of light and fire that Frederica and Knots had made began to shoot towards the trio.


“Leave this to me.”


“Yes…I’ll stop it.”

Misery made a magical barrier just like Frederica. Marx created one out of stone. It was enough to block the magic that flew towards them. However, Frederica never meant to take them on seriously. And by the time the dust had settled, she was nowhere to be seen.


“She got away.”


“I had no idea that she had as many attacks as you, Shin.”


“Yes. We’ll have to be cautious around her… Ah.”


“Hmm? What is it, Marx?”


“She got caught.”


Traps had been set up all around the ruins. And Marx had positioned them so that it would be especially easy to catch anyone who was trying to get away. And his instincts had been right, and there was no way that Frederica wouldn’t get caught in them.



As she fell, Frederica somehow managed to create a foothold and so she was able to climb out and escape from the pit.


“Ugh! Tsk. And I had managed to look so cool when escaping. This is the worst… I have to get out of here…”

The area around her was covered in traps. She was at a disadvantage. And so Frederica quickly ran away and left the ruins behind her in order to team up with any of the reliable members of the Congregation of the Holy Swords.

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