Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 291

Defense Specialization and Light and Fire



“Now, it seems like the others haven’t been killed yet… I guess they must be doing well. And Maple hasn’t disappeared from the map at all…”

Sally stretched her limbs as she saw that there wasn’t much time left on the clock. Many players had died now, and encounters were becoming rare. Of course, that meant that it was easier to hunt monsters.


“It should be fine as long as I hunt a lot of them… This should have been a good opportunity, but I wasn’t able to see anyone fighting with strong monsters that they tamed.”

This was an event where there were players other than those from Congregation of the Holy Swords and Kingdom of the Flame Emperor that you had to watch out for. Everyone was desperate to survive, and so the rewards would also be different.


“Oh, Mi is on the map! And there’s not much time left… Maybe I’ll go and look. I can hunt monsters on the way.”

And so Sally dashed in the direction that Mi was in. Any monsters that were in her path were quickly dispatched with a single hand.


“Oboro, ‘Binding Barrier’! ‘Quintuple Slash’!”

They couldn’t attack her if they couldn’t move. In that case, she could use her skills to repeatedly deal powerful attacks. They weren’t particularly difficult, with only simple attacks and moderate HP. Which meant they were nothing to Sally.


“Oomph. Is she over there…woah…Mi is wreaking havoc as well.”

The sight she saw was of Mi burning down both monsters and players. Pillars of fire rose in the wasteland that Mi was standing in, and it was clear to see that a horrible battle had been waged here.


“So that must be the Ignis that Maple was talking about. I think that I’ll watch them for a while.”

Sally used her webs to climb up into a tree so that she wouldn’t be ambushed by other players. Up here, she would notice them as soon as they approached her.


“Now, will any players or monsters come… Hmm?”

As Sally squinted up ahead, she saw a familiar man with white armor and a sword. It was Payne.



“I knew that I was on everyone’s map, but I didn’t expect you to come.”

Mi drank down a potion so that she would be ready to fight.


“Yeah, I already hunted enough monsters. And so I came to check the strength of my rival. Ray, ‘Awakening.’”

As Payne said this, a baby dragon with silver scales appeared from his ring. It was about the size of a large bird and it folded its wings as it landed on Payne’s shoulder.


“What a coincidence. I have also killed enough monsters.”

Mi said as she called out Ignis and activated ‘Flame Empress.’ At the same time, Payne unsheathed his sword.

That was the signal.


“‘Heavy Fire’!”


“‘Light of the Holy Blade’!”

Fire came from Mi’s side, while Payne let out a steam of light. The wasteland roared and thundered.


“Ignis, ‘Linked Flame’!”


“Ray, ‘Protection of the Holy Dragon.’”

Both of them applied the buffs and then charged forward. Mi had no intention of backing away, and she used ‘Flair Accel’ to move.


“‘Blue Flame’! ‘Explosive Flame’!”


“Holy Blade of Exterminating Evil’! ‘Holy Light’!”

Every time they clashed, effects scattered violently, and the skills offset each other. And all of them were the kind of high-power skills that could one-shot a whole group.

When Payne swung his sword, Mi would dodge it and unleash her magic. However, they never hit Payne because he always blocked them and launched a counterattack.


“Ray, ‘Enlarge,’ ‘Breath of the Holy Dragon.’”


“Ignist! ‘Enlarge,’ ‘Undying Flame’!”

The breath that Ray unleashed and the flames from Ignis bounced between them. The ground was torn apart, but so far they seemed to be an even match.


“I see. That’s a good monster.”


“Your dragon as well. However… If you’re still hiding your powers, then I’ll incinerate you where you stand.”

Mi looked like she wasn’t going to hold back at all. She recovered her MP and then gave the order to Ignis.


“Ignis, ‘Flame of the Phoenix,’ ‘Fire to my body.’”

The first skill cast a buff on Mi, and then Ignis transformed into a ball of fire. The fire surrounded Mi and began to spread out through the ground.


“I see. This won’t be easy then. Ray, ‘Holy Protection.’”


“Let’s go! ‘Inferno’!”

As Mi shouted, blazing flames were unleashed, and everything that was around Mi was burned away. It was blindingly bright, and yet the light that emitted from Payne was just as bright. They collided and exploded. The destruction on the surrounding forest and fields was immense, and a huge cloud of dust rose into the air.

When the dust began to settle, Mi stood there, unharmed and with just a little reduced HP. And there was Payne, his armor burnt.


“Tsk. I was trying to force you to use Ray’s most powerful attack…but you got by with damage reduction and the power of the holy sword… What a trickster you are.”


“Haha. Well, I can’t give you that much information.”


“You weren’t even trying to defeat me from the beginning… But don’t assume that I’ll return the favor, okay?”


“Yeah, sure. If you insist on continuing.”

Payne held up his sword as if accepting her challenge.

Just as they were about to start round two, the sound of a tree being bent echoed behind them.

They detected that someone was approaching, and so they agreed on a ceasefire as they looked in that direction. They were greeted by a storm of lasers flying out from the forest.


“What…!? Ray!”


“Tsk. Time to go! Ignis!”


Payne and Mi both jumped on their monsters and got off of the ground.

After a moment, what emerged from the forest as it tore down trees, was a giant crocodile that was over ten meters long. If there was one strange thing about it, it was that it was shooting lasers from its mouth.


“…I’ve lost interest. Payne! We can continue this fight another time.”


“Yeah, I don’t mind. Because I got to see ‘Inferno.’”

And like that, the fight came to an end without a clear victor, due to an intruder.




As for Sally, she had witnessed the entire scene.


“Ah. That’s…Maple…”

She saw that Maple’s icon was moving quickly on the map. And on closer inspection, the crocodile wasn’t the one who was shooting the lasers. There was a ball of wool with a cannon stuck in its mouth.


“More! More! Let’s run around until the end!”

She heard the familiar voice. Sally watched her go off into the distance with an exasperated expression.

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