Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 292

Defense Specialization and Inside the Mouth



Now that the preliminary was almost over, Maple was starting to get bored of using the red flower in order to lure in monsters. As she had already used up ‘Hydra,’ ‘Oozing Chaos,’ ‘Pandemonium,’ and ‘Invitation to the Ocean Floor,’ she wasn’t able to kill monsters as quickly as before. So now she had to wait for Predator to kill the monsters as they bit into her.


“Ah, now that I think about it…I haven’t really explored the field at all.”

The field for the preliminary was very big. She doubted that a map this big would be used this one time. But still, who knew when she would get another chance to look around?


“Let’s explore a little before it ends! I already killed a lot of monsters, so it should be enough!”

In that case, she needed a method of transportation. There was not much time left. So she would have to be able to move very quickly.


“Hmm… What should I do? Huh!?”

While Maple put a hand to her chin and thought with her eyes closed, she was still being attacked by monsters. She felt her body being raised into the air, and she frantically opened her eyes again. That’s when she realized that she was being held in the mouth of a crocodile that was over 10 meters long.


Normally, Maple would have been thrust deep into its mouth and been crushed. However, Maple’s defenses were stronger than the crocodile’s ability to bite. There was no way that she would take any damage. Since the crocodile had been rude enough to interrupt her thoughts, Maple looked into its mouth in order to get her revenge.


“Ah, I can’t go inside of its stomach. Ohh…”

Maple started slapping the insides of its mouth. A monster of this size might be even faster than Savagery. The thought entered her mind.


“If only there was a way for me to control it.”

Maple moved forward, even as she was being chewed, she poked her head out from between its teeth. And then the crocodile seemed to react to her. Its mouth began to open and close as it ran in that direction.


“Yes! Wait, that’s the wrong way? Heey! This way!”

In that case, it would be necessary to secure her body so that she wouldn’t move when it chewed. Maple took out some of Izu’s adhesive from her inventory and then activated Hair Growth. Then she added the adhesive to the wool and the crocodile’s mouth.


“Then I can deactivate Predator so I don’t kill it… And use a laser to deal with players… Now I’m all set!”

Maple chose the crocodile as a temporary method of transportation and her own body as bait in order to control it while rushing through the field. However, once it started running, she realized her fatal error.


“Ah!! Oh, no! Now I can’t see the scenery!”

She solved one problem but another one appeared. But Maple had no way to stop the crocodile, so she decided to let it run. And instead, she took out some crystals from her inventory. She had bought these some time before, and they were able to record footage.


“Just a little…ggggrr…stretch out and…got it!”

Maple stuck a few of the crystals on the crocodile’s snout. This way, she would be able to record the footage while it ran. She nodded inside of the crocodile’s mouth as if it was a brilliant plan.


“Mi is on the map! Alright, I should go!”

During this time, many players were shocked that Maple had suddenly started to move, and they were desperately trying to get out of the way. However, Maple had no way of knowing this.


“Ah, but I can’t stop… That’s too bad. It’s fast and can take me anywhere, but…”

Of course, it had not been designed as a mode of transportation to begin with, so it was rather unreasonable for her to complain about it.

And just like that, Maple trampled over the players who could not get out of the way in time. The crocodile’s attack power was much too high for the average player, and they were crushed to death as it rushed through the field.


“Oh, it should be ending soon.”

Maple thought about how fast it seemed as she waited to be teleported back. She felt like she was forgetting something, but try as she might, she could not remember what it was. But just when her body started to be covered in light, her expression changed.


“I was just running with the crocodile in the end…ah! The footage! Wait! Wait!”

But she had remembered too late. Maple was teleported away before she could recover the crystal’s on the crocodile’s snout.

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