Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 293

Defense Specialization and After the Preliminaries



851 Name: Anonymous Great Sword Wielder

Well, the preliminary is over.


852 Name: Anonymous Great Shield Wielder

It will take a while for the results to come out, but no one died in my guild, so I have high hopes.


853 Name: Anonymous Spear Wielder

You sure are strong.


854 Name: Anonymous Magic User

I was reminded of just how useful tamed monsters are.


855 Name: Anonymous Great Sword Wielder

They really are strong. There were a few times that I would have died without my monster.


856 Name: Anonymous Archer

Well, strong players are strong with or without monsters.


857 Name: Anonymous Spear Wielder

There were a few places where no one would go.

Places that people purposely avoided.


858 Name: Anonymous Great Shield Wielder

That sounds like it might involve one of our members.


859 Name: Anonymous Great Sword Wielder

Of course.

Maple’s position was displayed on the map the whole time, and everyone ignored it.

That’s no surprise.


860 Name: Anonymous Spear Wielder

I went and saw for myself. Only a chosen few could get close to that.

Most would get caught in it and die.


861 Name: Anonymous Great Shield Wielder

I heard explosions regularly and thought that something crazy was happening.

I can’t do stuff like that.


862 Name: Anonymous Magic User

And I hope you stay that way.

Don’t turn the field into a land of death as if it’s the normal thing to do.


863 Name: Anonymous Archer

Yes, stay as you are.

Don’t change.


864 Name: Anonymous Great Sword Wielder

So, anyone who got close to Maple ended up dying, right? What was she doing?


865 Name: Anonymous Spear Wielder

It seemed like she was luring in monsters by using herself as bait.

I saw the monsters rushing out of the forest and being slaughtered one after another. It was like a horror movie.


866 Name: Anonymous Great Shield Wielder

So, Maple was using herself as bait for the whole event…


867 Name: Anonymous Magic User

What do you mean?


868 Name: Anonymous Great Shield Wielder

Near the end, she got inside a ridiculously large crocodile and ran a lap around the field.

She was pretty sad that she couldn’t get the footage of it.


869 Name: Anonymous Great Sword Wielder

How the hell did that even happen?


870 Name: Anonymous Spear Wielder

I doubt there is any point in asking.

Is it within the realm of reason?


871 Name: Anonymous Archer

Is she even playing the same game as everyone else? I feel like her goal isn’t the same.


872 Name: Anonymous Magic User

So that’s what I was trampled by… I was wondering what the hell that laser shooting crocodile was.

No wonder. Crocodiles don’t even need to use lasers.


872 Name: Anonymous Great Sword Wielder

I wonder if she’s going to get even stronger.

She’s always with her tamed monster. I wouldn’t be surprised if she learned all of the skills.


873 Name: Anonymous Great Shield Wielder

Syrup has gotten a lot stronger.

I’m sure you’ll be able to see just how much in the main event.


874 Name: Anonymous Great Sword Wielder

So it is getting stronger…

It’s crazy that there isn’t a limit.


875 Name: Anonymous Magic User

I guess I’m looking forward to it, even though I’m scared.


876 Name: Anonymous Archer

I never stop being scared.


877 Name: Anonymous Great Shield Wielder

It’s not easy to get used to.

I thought I was used to Maple, and then she whipped out those tentacles.


Like that, the preliminary ended, and everyone waited for the results to be announced.




The management room had calmed down now, and they were working on confirming the rankings. It was filled with names that they all recognized.


“It seems like there were no surprises this time.”


“Well, stronger players get stronger monsters. It can’t be helped. Perhaps we should have put more emphasis on PvP.”


“Yes. We will do that next time.”

They went over their mistakes while they worked. Once they were done, they moved to observing the movements of players, as they always did.


“…Hey, did we add any area bosses?”


“No…not exactly.”


“Some players might think that we did.”


“A lot of people seem to have gotten caught in them.”

Mi’s flames, Payne’s torrent of light, Izu’s explosions, Kasumi’s forest of mist, and Maple’s…indescribable thing.

All of them had the atmosphere of an area boss.


“You could say that the terrain and rules matched their combat style. Interesting…”


“This is serious.”


“I guess we have to look at each one. We’ll leave the good points and change the bad.”

And like that, they played Maples footage first, as if to get the most shocking thing out of the way. They saw that the prairie had changed greatly due to the effect of several skills. It was the place that Maple had stayed in.


“That flower…ah…I see.”

“Even if her location is exposed, there are no players that would go to where Maple is. That thing is a monster luring machine.”


“This is not it. This is not what you’re supposed to…”


“I know how you feel.”


“It was our mistake for letting her learn about it in the jungle last time…”

However, they continued to watch the footage. And when they saw Maple in the crocodile’s mouth, they became very excited.


“How does she fit in so snugly?”


“It was a good thing that we erased its stomach. She would have exploded it from the inside.”


“Yes, we can’t have monsters with insides.”

They nodded in relief. The incident with the octopus had made them change it. However, a few seconds later, the crocodile that they had praised so much was being used as a car.


“Why doesn’t she get out!”


“I just don’t understand it at all. But I suppose it does move fast.”


“We should have made the fangs use piercing attacks…”

After that, they looked through the other scenes and threw out ideas on adjustments they could make.


“Now I’m worried for the monsters in the main event…”


“I hope they won’t turn into toys… After all, they will be attacking as a party this time.”


“It’s the boss that is supposed to be doing the attacking.”


“They’re already acting like area bosses. There is basically no difference now.”


“Well, that’s true.”

They were especially strong with their tamed monsters. However, that just meant they needed to send out monsters that could deal with that. And so they looked at the data for the monsters they had prepared. Their eyes were full of hope and anxiety.

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